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Post-Op Physical Comfort & Pain Recommendations and Ideas

I had a two stage spinal cord stim put in a few years ago and truly hated the inability to get comfortable for several weeks. In fact, it was severely painful and eventually pulled out because they couldn't get the leads to send the right signals to the correct areas because of cord injury. I had the open hole in the back with wires coming out, etc. Most of my pain was directly at the incision site where the leads were coming out of my body. Somewhere near the lower-mid thoracic area. Anyway, I've always prided myself in having an extreme pain tolerance, but this was insane. I played college football as a middle linebacker, was in special forces (military) and simply able to take on insurmountable amounts of pain, but this was different like passout pain every time I tried to lay anywhere, as the site was not allowing me any type of comfort. So, I'm about to have a fusion (L5SI) and think that it's possible I may just say forget it as I simply never want to deal with the pain again. I've been shot and the pain wasn't as bad and I had tons of pain medicine in my body day 2.  

Outside of the obvious (pain meds), pillows, etc. are there any products out there that redistribute pressure away from the site so that I can lay down, sit, etc. I've read where people bought pieces of foam, etc. and built their own pads with holes cut out around incisions, etc., but is there anything on the market I can just buy?

I'm stated for a neck surgery as well so any post-surgery back and neck pad type products you've used would be great. 

Thanks - J


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