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Would appreciate some input on this one......   I am UK based and have had a MRI scan and have a protrusion on L3-4, I was and still am waiting for an op by the NHS. Have to wait until December. Had an epidural in the meantime which worked very well. Did some very light work which was ok and then ouch ! pain, pain, pain !  Went back for another epidural thinking first one probably wore off , was told could not have one for two weeks as doctor was on holiday. Waited and counted the days. Finally got my injection, waited and waited but nothing, still in pain. Went on a pre booked holiday to Spain, thought might as well wait in pain there in the sun as here in the rain !! Finally gave in and decided to go private and pay for an op. Phoned numerous places in the UK and in Spain.  ( not a health tourist, I have a place in Spain as a holiday home) Saw a consultant for an opinion in Spain, he explained it would be a good thing to have an implanted "spring", I agree it would be beneficial. I go home to villa and phone some more to include "spring". Prices in UK very high, I bite the bullet and book myself in at the Spanish private hospital and asked for the best surgeon, 3 days later I`m in.  I notice the consultants paperwork says L4-5 and not L3-4 as stated in the MRI report which the surgeon had looked at (it is not possible to get the images in less than 3 weeks so could not supply them) I email him and he replies "don`t worry, see you in theatre". I AM worried and tell him personally again in theatre.
Operation now done and no pain but hooked up to all sorts of drugs so no surprise really. I recover for a few days and receive discharge papers from colleague as he is busy elsewhere. Oh no ! he operated on the wrong disc. Colleague says to ask him about this.  I email the hospital and assistant says he looked at both discs and could see what one was causing the problem. He said sometimes MRI`s are not too clear and from my symptoms etc he got the right one.

Back in the UK, I have more pain , I further research the internet and look on Spine-health, people say it is fairly normal to have pain in the early days.  I now had swelling of the wound and my partner said i should go to the ED at my local hospital to have it checked. Eventually saw a neuro surgeon ( 6 hrs !! ) and he was not impressed by what has gone on in Spain. Luckily I still had to see my consultant the next day (NHS) for an appointment already booked weeks before. I then get to see the very clear images of my back. I can see very clearly L3-4 large protrusion. Obviously the surgeon did not look at this disc and gambled on being right judging me by my symptoms. I guess he did see something on L4-5 and would not be surprised if that one got worse when I did some light work which involved some bending. I think he should have had a scan done at his hospital (which is a very reasonable price and I would have paid) rather than guess. I think he has been caught out and did not consider the possibility of two discs popping.  
Finally...........  my question is this......  where do I stand ??  Is he negligent ? can I claim on my credit card ?  should I get my money back or expect another op courtesy the hospital in Spain. I guess I need another op including the "spring".                     


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    Hello copycatoo!

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