Hurt my back today about 7 of 10 pain

Hello everyone. I hurt my back today my lower back just above my butt. It hurts from my spine over to left hip. My hip.hurts when its touched and whwn.I bend over or move a certian way I get a stabbing pain between the spine and hip. Does anyone know what this could possibly be? Should I get it checked out and are there any home remedies to help ease the pain?


  • Hello Cflinch

    Any back injury is painful at the least..some are more damaging than others.we don't have enough info to go On as to what caused, pre existing conditions etc.

    If it's really bad, anyone here would tell you to hit the ER to be sure it's not a worse injury.
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  • I agree with William, if the pain stays for days you should go to ER to see if its not something serious
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