Chronic Pain Not Relieved with Surgery

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My low back and lower extremity pain and lower extremity nerve sensations has increased after by third lumbar surgery . First surgery (1982) was a laminectomy of L4/5-5/S1; the 2nd (2004) surgery was a disectomy at L-4/5, 5/S1 with some cleaning a L-3/4; the 3rd surgery, which occurred July 2016, a laminectomy of L3/4 and cleaning of the stenosis at 4/5 and 5/S1. The L-3/4 nerve root was compressed with mild bilateral neural foramal narrowing. I also had multilevel degenerative disc disease with disc bulging with spinal stenosis at L3/4 thru 5/S1. I had been experiencing severe lower extremity pain and nerve sensations, for a 1 1/2 years before the surgery, with increased walking. The pain has increased and nerve sensations have increased post op. I am experiencing severe pain with walking in my lower back with radiation through the buttocks down my right leg into my feet. I periodically have some pain on the left side. The nerve sensations go down my right leg into both feet. There is often a tight band sensation wrapping around my left ankle and sometimes my right, at a lesser degree. The pain is relieved with sitting in my recliner. I am currently in therapy and also exercising in the pool. I also am icing my lower back. I have been told that the pain may continue for up to a year due to the lengthy compression of the cord. I am wondering if a more realistic evaluation is that I will have this pain forever and need to learn to live with it.


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    I have the same symptoms after my surgery. My dr remove some scar tissue that I think helped. What also helped me is a positive attitude about the pain. Easier said than done. The less I stress about it the better weeks I have. I'm 7 months out and hope this isn't the end result but can feel slight changes each day due to my mood and activity.
    I also bought a book that links pain with the mind and body by John sarno 
    wish u the best
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    Hello seabreeze!
    Please use search, upper right on page, and type in Welcome to Spine-health.
    It will be first on list of results, Welcome to Spine-health, how to get started!

    You will find much helpful information!
    Many of us seasoned members continue to refer to it time to time!

    Thank you!
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