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Is this normal?

Hello all, I am 40 year old and just recently been diagnosed with DDD. I am very active doing all sorts of outdoor sports such as running, hiking and action shooting, etc. Last Friday while I was walking down the kitchen at home, the pain suddenly came, my whole right leg and buttock could not move. I barely could stand. That night, I was not able to get in or out of bed without help from another person. I was not able to turn on the bed so I had to lay flat on the back the whole time.

When I saw the doctor, I was first diagnosed with sciatica, then with X-ray, the doctor said my disc between S1 and L5 had degenerated, and that could be the cause of it. I asked the doctor why the problem would start while I was doing nothing but walking. I did tell the doctor I lifted something heavy from the ground to the table, 60+ lbs object, but that's in the morning of that day, 6 hours + later the pain flared up.

For me, seating on soft chair/sofa is the worst, and walking is the best relief. I could walk 3 miles and not hurting at all.

Today is the 6th day since the pain first started, and I feel only little dull ache in my right buttock/lower back area.

I am just curious, has anyone had the episode start hours or even days after heavy lifting? Or maybe the heavy lifting is not the trigger at all?

If there is no clear trigger, I am worried that the pain would just start back up all of the sudden out of no where in the future. Is this a valid worry?

Also, if I go back to do running, hiking and action shooting, would those activities help the DDD, or would they make DDD worse?

Thanks everyone.


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 735
    Purple, my first major lumbar trigger happened when I was putting on short pants during a holiday weekend in 2012. It felt like someone had hit me, in the lower back, with a baseball bat. Long story short, I was stuck in bed for 3 months while I awaited lumbar surgery. I could not sit or stand. GLTY.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228
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