Spinal reconstruction surgery--Any success stories or words of wisdom?

Every time I log on here and read some posts, it seems like I just get depressed and log off before I start crying. I am looking for someone who is happy with their decision to have surgery. My scoliosis was diagnosed at age 13 at 30%. I am now 56 year old woman with scoliosis @ 52%. I have been delaying having surgery for a few years now, waiting for a "miracle". I have also had 1 cervical fusion and now need 2 more cervical fusions. But the major surgery which is being recommended is 7 or 8 discs, with rod, pins, etc. As I told my husband, I'm afraid to have the surgery and afraid not to for fear of being completely disabled by age 70.
I know the recovery will be slow and doctor has been very honest with me that this surgery isn't going to remove all pain, but prevent future issues. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or words of encouragement to share? Thank you.


  • Hello Jules

    Its not easy deciding on surgery
    Weighing the risks, the pro's and cons

    The benefits from the long term vs the short term pain.

    The indecision and waiting can be the worse of the situation..and sadly, so many maambers have had to make the choice.

    Hang in there and soon someone who has walked that path can answer

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    I haven't been down your exact road but I've been down the lumbar spine fusion surgery road twice... and I consider myself a success story... and I've got almost 10 years on you. If I was in your shoes I would be very thankful that modern medicine allows you a chance to correct the issues with your spine... and live a more full life. Without it you would likely be doomed to a wheelchair by the age of 70 as you say along with untold years of horrible pain. Yes... as your doctor said the recovery road is long... and not easy... but with a good positive attitude and LOTS of patience you can recover to near normal. I'm not 100% pain free and I certainly can't do the things I did when I was 25 or even 45... but I'm very grateful and happy for the quality of life I do have... due to modern medicine and modern surgery. What section of your spine has you doctor suggested for fusion... the thoracic or lumbar or both?
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  • Thank you William and Harry for your encouraging words. This is precisely what I needed to hear! Harry, you asked what part of my spine to be reconstructed. I believe it'll be T10 all the way down to my Sacrum.
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