I have a bad back for years finally had a fusion L4, L5 and s1, I could not move for a week in half with suck leg pain, I knee the surgeon mest up, he said I don't know why Ur legs r hurting more, felt like every nerve was try to come out of my skin, was just told I had arachnoiditis, then the Dr walked out so I have no idea where to go for help with this pain 


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    Hello Not so lucky

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    Would you be intesrested in telling us a little more about yourself?
    Curious when you had your surgery? Are you on any medications for your pain.?..nerve pain?
    There are times when post op, surgeon may refer patient to pain management doctor to help oversee the pain and monitor your spine.

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  • I had the surgery June 3rd 2015,i had the pain stimulater put in jy of 2016, which helped for a bit but know it seems to make pain worse I feel, so I end up leaving it off most of time, I am in a pain management, I take 5 to 6 perks for pain and nerve pills never really helped me, I think there going to try me on a different one this month, on October 18 I was diagnosed with failed back surgery, since my bone growth is Not there, and I have one of the nuts almost off in my back, also diagnosed with arachnoiditis, which means I guess can't be fixed still trying to find a Dr for that 

  • Does any one know that of I keep pushing myself all the time , if it is a bad thing , or as long as I cam handle pain ot OK 
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