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Strange sensation

Hi everyone

I'm new here. Just looking for anyone with any advice/ knowledge or even success stories.

I just want to get straight to the point. I've been suffering with low back pain for a number of years. It was never really a huge problem as i thought it was general annoying low back pain lots of people experience for all kinds of different reasons. This pain then turned to a really uncomfortable aching in both legs in August 2015. This aching would only affect me after prolonged sitting then would disappear upon standing after about 20 mins- half an hour. This pain then disappeared around 5 months later in January 2016. I recall this strange aching pain didn't really begin until after I had a readjustment by a chiropractor who I initially sought treatment for my lower back pain/stiffness.

My low back took a turn for the worst in May 2016. I was simply lying on the sofa then a sudden onset of excruciating pain took over my whole lower back region which then left me me pretty much bed ridden for 4-5 days, barely able to get up and walk and especially getting in and out of a car to make appointments. After about 5 days, the pain significantly reduced however left me with severe leg cramping (which i have hardly ever experienced before) for about 3 nights (only occuring at night time). Continuing on, I started developing Sciatica in my left leg (not much pain more weakness and some numbness) which starting slowly getting better until I slipped on some stairs onto my butt about 3 weeks later. There was no immediate pain, and i didn't fall super hard or anything, but after this incident I noticed extreme tightness developing all down the back of my left leg. At first this tightness wouldn't even allow me to cross my legs or lift my left leg even 5 inches off the ground without an extreme pulling which made it impossible to cross/lift my left leg extensively. Over the past few months, this tightness has very slowly improved and let go but it's still affecting me and its now October. I had an MRI on July 1st which revealed a large herniated disc at L4-l5 along with slight bulge at l3-l4 along with apparent spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

I have gotten back into some excercise, along with physical therapy which has been manageable. Focusing on strengthening my core again is definitely helping the stiff low back pain I've been getting throughout the past few months due to the injury. I have never had sciatica so bad that I've been unable to walk far and there hasn't been consistent excruciating pain. I have experienced weakness, numbness in foot and toes and was experiencing a burning pain on top of my left foot which has decreased to pretty much nothing now. In short, I have had all sorts of weird pains and sensations over the past 5 months since May that I struggle to explain it all in one post.

My main concern now is a new sensation in my mid back. I noticed it at first yesterday when i bent down and suddenly got a shock like pain at the right side of my spine around lower-mid back. this shock only lasted a second but really scared me, and the best way I could describe it is that it felt like my back was about to collapse or something. however this pain went away and I was even able to do an hour of physical therapy after it occured. However, I have noticed the same thing the next day, across the same level on the right side, left side and centre of my mid-lower back. It only lasts a second and happens when i turn/twist slightly, take a step of bend over slightly. It happens very randomly and isn't constant with these movements. Any idea what this could be? I'm only 23 years old and I'm so tired of back pain it's really stressing me out. Makes me think if my back is already in this condition, what is it going to be like in 3,5, 10 or 20 years? I'm on the waiting list for a microdiscectomy but I was hoping the problem will fix itself eventually, given time and as long as i don't re-injure myself.

Sorry for the long post, any advice/help would be really appreciated.
Kind regards


  • Hello Seven

    Even the tinyest of slips can have consequences.

    Have you had a new image done on the new area yet?

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    Hang in there Seven
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    The beginning of your post mentioned...Success Stories.
    I am not sure if you are speaking of your surgery, but to let you know, we have a discussion on board titled...
    Success Stories.
    You can find by using search, upper right on page.

    Using search for any of your concerns may lead you to current or older discussions. And may lead you to the medical side with articles and videos. Very informative!

    It was put together, as often time when researching, the success stories are not easily found, as when people feel better ..they are off and getting on with their lives :)

    There is also a post entitled...Chronic Pain Step by Step...that you may find interesting, also.

    Pleas know you're not alone with the decision making process you are going through!
    It good you have doctors you trust!
    We also have many members your age with spinal issues.

    At the risk of hitting you with too many suggested reading, :) may I say, I the right side of page is FAQs.
    Under Medical will find information re preparing for dictor's visits.
    ...suggested questions for surgeons..and others.

    I look forward to following your thread! Please keep us posted!

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