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Long distance walking

I have a discectomy L5-S1 ans some new discopathies, L3-L4, L4-L5 according to my last year MRI.
I stopped running 2 years ago, replacing by elliptical, and elliptical was replaced by walking about 1,5 months ago,
because of low back pain.

I was able to walk about 8 Km per day in week-end and 2-3 Km in working days without discomfort.
Today I did experience back pain after my walking.
I am walking slow and I am using cushion sport shoes.

Any advise on that? I mean any doctor told me walking is good. Still walking now seems to generate back pain.
I can go for a new MRI but for the moment is no leg pain, only back pain and stiffness after prolonged sitting.


  • Cushion sports shoe? Sketchers? Most doctors would advise against these as it doesn't provide any support to your arch which has a knock on effect on posture.... that's a thought from what you say.
    The elliptical machine I found good personally, and I am surprised it is causing pain as it is relatively low impact. Potentially a twisting issue when using it rather than impact?
    Now obviously I don't know your situation from a physical point of view, but a guess is that your lower back muscles/glutes are weak or inactive, especially post surgery.
     What I found very good was lower back/glute activation exercises pre walking to get them firing. This would help take pressure off your lower back. I would definitely look into doing these everyday paired with swimming which should really help. 
    But again this is just what I have found good, I would advise seeing a physio to get a physical assessment. There is likely a weakness that needs to be addressed around your lowerback.

  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 207
    edited 10/23/2016 - 1:51 AM
    No, there no shape-up Sketchers. Just sport shoes with cushion sole from a known brand.
    Surgery was 15 years ago. Last MRI that I did 1 year ago found significant Osteochondrosis L5-S1. The disk is very narrow. Probably no too much space left for the nerve and now pain start to kick in.
    Also my mobility regarding bending in front is very poor. That mean I am barely able to touch my knees.
    This situation is like this since I was 30, not improved after surgery but I was generally pain free until 2 years ago, and progress seems to worsening.
    One year ago I had the MRI and doctor gave me some general advises and that was all.
    Now I am working in a country a bit far from civilization so not easy to find a good doctor.
    Also my work is generally desk related.
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