Further options with degenerative disc disease and dealing with pregnancy

Hi im asking for this information for my wife shes 26 and had ddd since she was a teenager. she has 3 discs missing from her lower back and now has one bulging in her upper back causing loss of feeling in her arm. 
Pretty much she has so far had a disc shaved which didnt work because the discs then started to errode. after this she was put on tramadol and nuproxen for years which eventually started to not have the same effect. they then offered her the steroid injection which put her in more pain than before. this didnt work either and the doctor told her there was nothing else he could do. however i feel like shes getting palmed off. does anyone know of or had any other treatments ive read up on some things but not sure how much they help in the long run? 
Also we are looking into having our first child and im very worried about her pain management during this theyve taken her tramadol off her and is just left with codeine which she has a tollerence to. is there anything she can do to make things more comfortable ?


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