You do realise that you are part of a greater community now.

Alll the shared experiences...
And defeats...all a part of the bigger picture. are the bigger picture...all your experiences help the community as a whole.

True..some are unique in their experience..which makes them Valuable as an asset to the whole.

We may be left out and left behind by the non Spiney world at large..but here?

Everyone counts.
Everyone has a worth
Everyone has a contribution to give..
Your experience
Your insite
Your whole journey including your nature and nurture which give you your unique perspective on Long Term chronic pain and dealing with the attendant issues.


Dont ever undervalue yourself,your experience or your worth.

For some..You need answers
For others, your putting what your learning, what you have learned into action

Then there is the time you share a part of you that will help the next wave.

We are Spineys.

Knowledgeable storehouses of a lifetime for some
Sponges for information for others

We give
We take
We share

Isnt that what makes a community work?

Dont be afraid to ask..really! There are no Stupid Questions when it comes to Spineys

Look into the Databases here..get informed
Forewarned is forearmed

Knowledge is power.
It has power over the dark cloud of pain that fogs the mind,dampens the Spirit and bends the body

There is a place here for letting go of Fear

We will get tnrough this together
We are Community.


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