Items to buy that help with recovery?

hi all. I'm scheduled to have surgery on c4-c5. What are some things I should have at home to make my recovery easier? Thanks for any and all advice! 


  • Hey Lorriann, if you go over to the blog Back Surgery and Neck Surgery there is a pretty full list that is posted there. When is your surgery and is your surgeon doing the ACDF?? Or are you having a disc replacement?? The list that is posted there is pretty long but is wonderful to help you think of thing that may have slipped by you... I am scheduled for surgery next Wed, ACDF C3-C4... Hope the list there helps you...

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     :) thank you!
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    I had c4-5 surgery. Just to name a few things off the top of my head, I'd say buy some bendy straws. It will be hard to tilt your head back to drink. Also, if you have to wear a collar, I'd suggest you get a couple shirts that will loosely fit over your head. I also wore just a thin zipper hoodie. Easy on & off.
    I would also suggest to make sure you cut your toenails right before your surgery. It's difficult to bend & look down for a while.
    I had a very bad sore throat for the first week after surgery. I got some of that throat spray & it helped. Although, not everyone gets the sore throat.
    Get some soft foods, soups & broth, yogurt, ect. Also, prepare to be on some stronger pain meds, which means you'll most likely get constipated. Grab some miralax or colace. Or both. I still take both daily.
    Also, I made sure I had slip on shoes & slippers. Nothing that had to be tied.
    That's all I can think of right now.
    Good luck with your surgery!
    Do you have a date scheduled yet?
  • I found the side sleeper pro pillow the best thing to get comfortable.
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    You may benefit from post titled...Post Op Must Haves....can find by using search.

    I may have missed it, but when is your surgery?
    And good luck!
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