Chronic Muscle Spasms in Thoracic Spine with a Neurostimulator Implant for Intercostal Neuralagia

I had my neuro-stimulator implant surgery in October of 2014. (I have the St. Jude Protege model.) And although it helps with my chronic nerve pain from my intercostal neuralgia from a Diaphragmatic Hernia repair that was found to be congenital, but wasn't discovered until 2009 when I was 25 years old, my muscle spasms in my thoracic region are intensely severe and chronic. I do also have cervical scoliosis, but according to my doctors it's only at 8 degrees and they said the amount of pain I have isn't justified by this minimal curvature. I am also on an abundance of medication from heavy narcotic opioids, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, anti-depression and many, many more to deal with my chronic pain that has persisted and gotten worse over the past 7 years. I get muscle spasms every night. I have also had all over body severe muscle spasm attacks which have put me in an ambulance to the ER, as well as having attacks after surgeries and nerve block procedures. Unfortunately, as most chronic pain patients have endured, I have gotten abhorable treatment from the ER and "highly regarded" hospitals that don't understand just how awful muscle spasms can be and discriminate against me because of all the heavy medication I am already on. I am still in recovery from a doctor incidentally finding 4 ventral hernias in my abdomen and the disgusting and horrific negligence I had to endure while staying overnight in the hospital.

So my question is, has anyone else had this problem after they got a neuro-stimulator implanted where they have horrific muscle spasms?

Before my latest surgery, I was going to physical therapy AGAIN, and it seemed to help but the spasms definitely weren't gone. In the past 7 years I have done absolutely everything you can imagine from chiropractic, to muskoskeletal acupressure and manipulations, many MRI's and CT scans, even got a expensive Japanese massage chair and still they persist. Any info would be much appreciated.

Sending Love & Light to all the Chronic Pain Survivors & "Thrivers" out there, XoJo.


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