How to be a proper Spiney

To be a proper Spiney
Whether it be a Lumbie,Neckie or Backie... you know where it hurts?
Down low, in the middle..a pain in the neck?

Ok, now that you know where it hurts..have you been to see your doc to see..Why?

You should know the how..sadly..sometimes it just sneaks up out of the blue..literally
Actually, its probably been a problem that finally asserted itslef.

Which leads to when

Half the journey is the fight to find out what it is, why and how it can be treated.

This is the short and sweet

You have pain
Find out what is causing it

Ask for treatment options

Get started ,participate fully in your treatment
Ask questions
Dig for answers
Be informed
Do what the doc says..unless it causes you the bad pain doc and keep communicating.
Dont be afraid
You have an entire worldwide Spiney Community to draw from.


  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 161
    Hi William
    Here in ontario canada they are now cutting back on xrays,Ct scans,MRIs soon as person has pain anywhere in the spine right away just order PT and also they are trying to limit surgeries. I understand one part as we age we going to go through process of degenerative stuff. Some ontario doctors are setting up clinics to access spine issues. I had to push to get xray from my doctor and was thankful from ER doctor was concern I am getting MRI. Free healthcare has its pros an cons. One leading orthopedic doctors name Dr Hamilton Hall is going around ontario about no need surgery an so forth. He said at one seminar the USA turning that way too. 
  • Hey Sherrygirl

    Sadly, for one part pain being subjective..and that aspect subject to abuse by the unscrupulous any real Spiney a less than ideal chance at help.

    Two..Spineys can get expensive real quick

    I cant speak for the US as i have no access to care due to paperwork nitemare and other reasons..i can go to the ER as indigent..given a couple of tylenol and asked to go see non existent pm.

    I am informed enough to know when is when..sadly

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  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 161
    Sorry to hear William about health insurance.
    In ontario they are approaching with counseling and treatments. And surgery is very last resort. For anything in Ontario it's really long waits. Only thing isn't a long wait is heart an stroke issues.
  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 161
    If interested to read up about programs put this in Google search it help give idea 
    The Inter-professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC). Mind you at present they don't help with neck.
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