Spinal Fusion Surgery

I had spinal Fusion on April 12, 2016, of the L 5 and L 6 . I thought I was doing really well till August when I developed hip pain and lower back pain. I can't sleep all night I wake up with spasms and pain in my back and I have to get up and sit in a recliner. I saw an Orthopedic Dr. Had an Mri and bone scan and it doesn't show any reason for pain . Didn't even mention arthritis. Dr said I need a hip replacement because I may have arthritis. I never had this pain before surgery. I went back to my family physician and he is trying me on a nerve pill but I haven't seen any improvement. I am getting very depressed and it is affecting my work and life.


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    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    so you saw an orthopedic dr, but did you see your surgeon, your spine specialist?

    it isn't really unusual for some pain to come back a few months after surgery - i don't know why, but members including me report it. but yours has persisted for 2 months, which seems unusual.

    if it were me, i would want to get more information before considering hip surgery. that could be the cause, maybe even likely be the cause - it could just be a new thing. but i would want so work harder on ruling out nerve pain after your fusion surgery.

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