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 I posted earlier regarding my MRI report but I just need to get this off my chest.

i don't even have much energy anymore to talk about this so I'm gonna be brief with my explanation. I've been having severe chronic upper back and neck pain for years on and off. I've had trigger point injection multiple times (at times my trapezius muscle is severely inflammed)  4 years ago my pcp prescribed me Vicodin and I stayed on it for 4 years till basically for caught from another  dr. In her practice when I went in for different pain. I'm glad it happened  cause the Vicodin wasn't effective anymore and I was honest about that. She basically took me off cold turkey and just insists it's muscle spasms. Well the pain has continued to come in horrible flares and maybe they're worse now because I don't have any pain relief? But her and I got into it last week and she said I was being aggressive as o admit I was but I'm desperate for answers and for anything to lead me back to my everyday normal life. I have accepted my pain as part of my life to some degree but over the last two months this has become debilitating. She said to me I've gone down hill since she stppped the Vicodin and made me feel like all o wanted was narcotics now I'm not gonna lie some days when I can't be a wife or a mother I would like nothing more then to have a break from this and have the option to take something but that's. or gonna happen. I've tried so many muscle relaxers, tramaol and naproxen it doesn't help me at all.  I had a mei a few days ago which I made her order and it showed a few cervical disk. Bulges one that has started narrowing and then I have two thoracic protusions.
i called her office for the results even though I picked them up myself and her nurse said everything looked ok one disk protusion in my neck may be causing the nerve pain and the thoracic looks great no findings explain my pain and to see the psyiatrist. I mean my thoracic spine showed protusions and said the degeneration was gotten worse. What is going on here? I am second guessing myself all the time now because of her and the burning aching pain in my neck and shoulders is not real I guess. My quality of life is diminishing before my eyes I'm 36 years old two children not over weight and my life is not enjoyable and it's just amusxle spasm that's been happening for 4 years.  I am so not ok right now anyone 


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    Kerri - Welcome to Spine Health
    Have you had the opportunity to discuss your status and the new MRI results with your PCP as of yet?
    Have you discussed seeing a Neurologist or orthopedist with your PCP?
    These maybe appropriate next steps.

    You may also want to get your MRI on a CD Disc as other specialists may want to review the images directly.
    After MANY MRI's - CAT scans - X-rays etc. I can tell you that each radiologist may read your images with differing language or specificity of findings.

    I would keep searching for better answers and potential treatments.

    Keep us posted!

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    Thanks for responding here is what the MRI report said and she had her nurse say that everything looked good my cervical disk biulge may be causing my the burning shooting pain but has nothing to do with what pain I'm feeling (for 4 years) then she said the thoracic was totally fine which the report states the following:

    c5-c6 stable broad-based disc protusion resulting mild indentation the ventricles exact.minimal neural foraminal narrowing.
    c6-c7 minimal disk bulge without stenosis 
     t3-t4 shallow right peramedian protusion without stenosis 
    t8-t9 shallow central disc protusion without stenosis 
    impression no significant changes in mild degenerative changes of cervical spine and minimal degenerative changes of thoracic. ?? 
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    edited 10/27/2016 - 3:42 PM
    Hello Again - We are not allow to provide interpretations of any test results. But I can provide some general rules of thumb when trying to make sense of your own. The words MILD and MINIMAL are in general on the better side of doctor nomenclature. MODERATE or SEVERE as descriptions speak for themselves. WITHOUT STENOSIS is also a good thing.

    Keep in mind that some people can have very bad looking MRI's and be asymptomatic (without problems) - and other people can have mild changes that can cause great issues. Again the radiologist who wrote up your report could have made judgement calls on the terminology used in your report. If you were to take your actual films or CD Disc to 2 other Radiologist - you may wind up with three differing reports.

    Next step maybe to a spine specialist (Neuro or Ortho).

    Keep us posted!

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