Fluid collection on top of spine nerve post L5-s1 fusion


I had L5-s1 fusion surgery on September 1st 2016, I'm 28 years old. After surgery there was full discharge coming out from the wound, after one month I got severe shock pains, not able to get up from bed. When I checked with doctor he noticed small fluid collection around screws in MRI. I'm prescribed to take antibiotics(linezolid and Duonem-ER) for totally 8 weeks, still I'm suffering with pains, not able to walk till washroom. My surgeon is telling it will be reduced and nothing much is there to open and clean it, but I don't see any improvement. 

Can you please help and guide me if anyone had faced this problem. 
I'm getting doubt whether I will get recover or not :(

Thanks in advance!!!


  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,927
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    Hello Rock786

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  • Thanks William!! I'll go through it.

    Can anyone please share and guide me if you have faced this situation, badly require your help!!

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  • NotMeNNotMe Denmark, EuropePosts: 73
    Hi Rock786
    I haven't tried having fluid collection around the screws or had an postoperative infection but I've tried other infections and noticed that relief was dependent on having cleared the infection. I also know that after infections the body uses weeks cleaning up the area and until that is finished there will be swelling and so on. One time I coughed for one month after getting rid of a pneumonia.
    Infection around screws sounds serious. I guess that's why you are prescribed 2 antibiotics for so long time. In your case I would guess that your swelling and pain won't disappear before some weeks after you finish the antibiotics. But as I'm only guessing, I think the best would be to ask your doctor.
  • Thanks NotMe!

    Right now I've completed 7 weeks by taking antibiotics, left only another week. I don't see any swelling at surgery site nor any discharge coming out. But I've severe pains, taking pain killers to manage with that. My Dr is saying infection will be reduced with complete bed rest, totally 2 months completed since my surgery but still I've pains.

    I'm feeling bad whether my condition will get better or not, this surgery is ruined my life. 

    Please share if anyone have got better from this kind of situation.

  • Can anyone please help me here!!!
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