Layman's terms of MRI findings

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Hi. Can someone explain or direct me to something that will help me understand my husband's MRI?

Degenerative disc disease at L4‐L5 resulting in mild bilateral neuroforaminal
stenosis and narrowing of the lateral recesses.

Degenerative disc signal at T11‐T12, L4‐L5, and L5‐S1

L2‐L3: There is mild bulging of the disc in the foraminal regions bilaterally

L3‐L4: There is mild bulging of the disc and mild bilateral facet arthropathy

L4‐L5: There is a broad‐based disc protrusion with a small central extrusion.
There is mild bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis with narrowing of the lateral

L5‐S1: There is a small broad‐based protrusion


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    Hello Flossiemae

    Unfortunately, no one here is qualified to answer in a proffesional capacity...

    But..there are many here who have absolutely been through the Spinal Wringer that have much extensive personal experience in their own pain journey who may be able to fill in some of the gaps.

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