Lidocaine injectioned in fibromyalgia triggers..has anyone tried this? ??

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Was hoping for some kind of relief so I was more than happy to try the lidocaine shots. I think I had eight of them, in the back of my head, neck and shoulders. My migraine that I had been fighting for 3 days stopped after the shots and I seemed a bit better. ..but not long after I felt pain in done of the areas where I was injected.  Now for the past 4 days I have been in HORRIBLE pain :s  . .. shoots up to my head. ..anyone out there that tried these injections? ??? Please let me know your outcome and if you did end up worse, how long should I expect to feel like this? ???


  • I cannot believe there has only been one view on this topic.  As many that suffer out there with this.  If they truly suffer, they would try almost anything to help. ..I know it is not proven to help but they offer it because some end up with relief for a couple months...
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    Lisa, please don't be upset about the response. I have commented several times on the subject of fibro, no big response. This is a spine forum. But it seems a lot of women who have back issues have fibro. There again, which came first.
    I want to clear something first, are you talking about injections specifically for fibro? There are a lot of procedures that a lot of people don't know about. I've been there, tried with just about anything out there, nothing has helped. Some days when I'm really bad I don't want to sound too negative so I don't respond when I could. I apologize on my part.
    Please post again, we'll talk about it.
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  • Thank you!  Yes, I know your right.  I think in my case the fibromyalgia was brought on from my neck surgery June 2015. It doesn't happen all at once. .. the only time I felt "better" after surgery was like the first couple days and went downhill after that.  Never healed well took 4 packs of steroids ect ect.  Anyways these shots or injections were from the rheumatoid doc and was for the fibro. . He said a lot of fibro sufferers have more intense pain in their neck back n shoulders. ..and I know what you mean. need not apologize. .. sometimes I'm just so d desperate for answers. ..and I feel like everything I've tried to hello has made things worse!   :/   So you haven't found any relief yet? 
  • That's great for you dilauro!  I also have many conditions and many diagnosis and I'm not concerned about who has what and who's is worse.  After talkng to my rheumatoid doc I've realized many of my conditions are related to my fibromyalgia. Or I should say fibromyalgia is affecting many of my diagnosis n conditions.  I think many people are not educated about the affects that fibromyalgia has on so many issues. 
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,488
    Lisa, you are so right on so many points.
    Fibro has affected my life for at least 25 yrs. Then came the long list of spinal issues. I've done so much research on it over the years and still hoping for an answer.
    On bad days when my back is screaming, is it fibro? Who knows, I quit asking. I've learned on those days to be gentle on myself. But I can always tell a flare up, fever, feel like I have the flu, diarrhea, dry eyes, etc.
    I have tried just about any meds out there. The one that, finally, works for me is Savella. I've also done injections of all kinds, did not work, made it worse. I'm done with all of that.
    It's not that I'm giving up but I'm tired of fighting it after sooo many years. I've learned how to cope and be kinder to my body.
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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,488
    Ron, more men are being diagnosed with fibro. At first it was a "woman's issue".
    I really hate you've got it, especially with everything else.
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,488
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    I've kept a journal for years when I have a flare up.
    I have columns for weather, food, drink, stress, meds, indoor and outdoor work/activities and sleep.
    I also have columns for side effects, I check which one applies during a flare up.
    When I know I'm having a flare up I start writing.
  • LisaGriffithLisaGriffith Posts: 47
    edited 07/29/2019 - 3:09 PM
    Some days are more touchy than others. So I avoided getting online for awhile.  I think there are probably quite a few people misdiagnosed and some that don't suffer as bad as others.  My rheumatoid doc has thirty five years experience and i trust him.  I just figured there would be sufferers on here but like you said it's more about spinal issues not muscle issues.  But i am surprised your ra doc was not concerned about it for you.  I do believe that's why i went downhill so badly after surgery. My muscles stay so very tight and add to all the pain in neck back and shoulders :( Zanaflex has been my miracle pill.  I cannot believe the difference!  And to actually get six solid hours of sleep! ! I'm just tickled about it.  I hope your on something like it.  I think you'd be surprised how it would help with all your other troubles.  Because when you can't get any rest it makes out that much more difficult to deal with it all. At least for me It does. 
    I hope your getting some relief memerainbolt! I felt like i have been in a year flare up. .. . Every morning. ..Everyday until i started on zanaflex. .. 
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,488
    Lisa, I am so glad you found relief with Zanaflex. What works for one with fibro doesn't always work for others. I wish it did.
    And different doctors treat it different ways. Unfortunately, it's not just a muscle issue.
    For me, it's nerves and muscles and all the horrible side effects. I have taken everything for depression, pain and fever,  anti-inflammatory drugs, nerve pain and muscle relaxers. Some of them I'm on for my spine issues. Does it help my fibro? Who knows.
    What I will be curious to see is how the pain pump will or will not effect it. I know the medicine in the pump stays in the spinal fluid but it will be worth keeping an eye on.
    Take care, keep me posted on how you're doing.
  • Yes that exactly right. So many things work differently for each person.  The fact that I'm not up all night keeps the fatigue down. .. so it helps me tremendously just that i get five to six hours of sleep that i haven't been getting in seems like forever.  
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