Lidocaine injectioned in fibromyalgia triggers..has anyone tried this? ??



  • Try anti inflammatory drug, I reviently took it and I think I am getting less pain I take naxophine 

  • Hi. Along with my neck issues, I also have fibro really bad!! I ache all over and it is miserable. I have had the trigger injections. I usually get them starting in my neck, by my hair line, all the way in between my shoulder blades. I have only hurt from them maybe a couple of times. One or two, here and there.  I always ice for about 20 minutes after I get home. My Dr. always told me, if it's a good trigger, it will not hurt. 

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  • Hello I’m Alex a 25 year old in DC and my neurologist suggested I try an occipital nerve block (lidocaine plus steroid) I was interested as it is fairly low risk, and unfortunately no help for my body. I was quite bummed hoping for some easy relief as I’ve have had chronic headache and migraine with the last 10 years of  my fibromyalgia. Interested to see how it might work in other trigger areas that are less severe for me though, thank you for starting the conversation! 

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