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Anyone have the symptom of your upper torso being torqued (twisted)?



  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    @BOWTIE, Is your mouse/pad on your right? Sounds like your scapula have lost their ability, or should I say...can't they should operate. Common amongst us DJ's :) If you think about it...if your shoulders round forward the scapula have to follow. This can pull them out of their original alignment - both the shoulders and the scapula. Since I am at a computer all day too, I'll do this routine about once a week geared for rounded shoulders: Standing Shoulder Shrugs, Static Back Reverse Press, Standing Scapular Contractions, Standing Shoulder Rolls (forward and back), Standing Arm Circles (forward and back). I did it for a good week each day, and now about once a week.
  • cookie01810ccookie01810 MassachusettsPosts: 2
    Have someone look at your entire spine. I think a DO who does manipulations or a chiropractor can tell you what is going on better than a CAT scan. The upper torso can twist in resonse to a pelvis tilt and twist. A good chiro can evaluate it
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  • Is your right wrist completely palmar flexed i.e pointing downwards by any chance?

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