L5 lumbar fusion surgery

Is it common two months after my surgery to be experiencing excruciating pain in my right leg, thigh, and lower leg? Please note that my incision for my surgery is on my right side. I have my second post op check up on 11/8 but this pain! And is there any thing you can recommend to help eliminate some of the pain? Just looking for answers, please!


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    Balley8313 Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    Best answer - is to talk to your physician and/or his staff. Only they know enough about your and your surgery to comment on where and why your current status is.

    I personally have experienced pain for many months post surgery.

    Your surgeon gave you no post surgical instructions?


  • kowserkkowser Low Angeles Posts: 35
    I'm in my 8 th month and finally have started to feel better. Be patient don't over excurate and easier said than done don't   stress because that will alleviate a lot of the pain.
    I did however start feeling worse after the second month and I finally had scar tissue removed this month which has alleviated a lot of the pain
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