L5-S1 disc replacement, 1wk post op with neuropathy

I am a 33yr old F who had disc replacement at L5-S1 6 days ago,  with anterior approach. I was only in hospital 1 night, and after being discharged used only extra strength Tylenol for 5 days, and flexeril (muscle relaxer) for the first two days. Incision and back pain were tolerable without more intervention and at day 6 I can walk, stand, sit and care for basic needs without significant pain in those areas. 
My problem is that I woke from surgery with sharp spasm pain in left hip/glute (same side as incision/approach) and numbness down my calf and into big toe & instep, which prevented me from flexing that foot beyond perpendicular (ie I can't raise my toes from floor if standing). At day 4, the light cramping in hip and leg turned into severe burning/aching. It's tolerable during the day with frequent positon changes, but at night it's horrendous and I haven't sleep for two days. Hot shower and heat packs help some, but not enough to sleep. 

My post op isn't for another week , and I'm averse to narcotic or neuropathic pain meds, since I need to work (telecommuting from home luckily) and don't want side effects. 

Wondering if anyone had experienced similar and if so: what can I do to aid nerve recovery (should I be more or less active), how long it took your neuro pain to resolve, and any treatments that helped (barring med types noted above).



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  • Hi Everyone .Actually my father had  L5 S1 disc replacement surgery  before 12 days .After operation he has been suffering from leg spasm contineously in muscle stiffness in both legs.had anyone sufferred  like before? plz give some opinions and suggestions.he is consuming lyrica 150 for nerve pain.
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