Humira used for AS. Expectations?

Hi all. I hope your November is starting off with less pain. Unfortunately the colder months in the Midwest are a challenge for most of us with arthritis issues. Quickly, I am a 50 yr old female DXed with Ankylosing Spondylitis five years ago. I've used NSAID for most of that time since my DX. Seven months ago I started taking hydrocodone (5s, now 10s). My rheumy put me on Humira, 40 mg injection pen every two weeks, last month. I've only had one injection. The second I am due to take this Thursday. My question(s) is/are...what should I expect? How long does it take to work? What's been your experience as far as side effects? Any tricks to taking it? Etc? So far I feel no differently. Maybe slightly (I mean I'm being very generous, like in my head) better. I was hoping to reduce my enthesitis by 50% or more. Is that expecting too much? Please give me your thoughts, opinions and experience if you've used Humira and for what disease. I am SO happy to be apart of this community. I've felt welcomed and helped tremendously by many so far. Ok? So let me have it!



  • If anyone is interested, the Humira injections are not helping me. I began them mid/late October. My rheumy has encouraged me to continue them until after the first of the year. That will be 3 months. My CRP number was 1.3 a week ago. It was 1.2 when I walked into his office 5 years ago, then 1.5 and 1.8. The target is under .5. I am disappointed. I thought (wishful thinking) maybe the Humira was working slightly. Unless it kicks in very quickly in the next two injections, I will stop it completely. It is such a pain to get your hopes up and then nothing change. Any help is appreciated...Humira?, Enbrel? Remicade?  Please comment and let me know what your experience has been.
  • I'm sorry to hear the Humira didn't help you. Did you end up trying something else? 

    My new rheum. has me on a short 6 day trial of prednisone to see if it helps quiet the pain down. He's not 100% sure If I have AS or psoriatic arthritis in my spine. I'm HLA B27 positive and I've always leaned towards the AS diagnosis through the years. He's talking about a biologic, but the thought of the side effects terrify me and I don't want to take them unless they make me feel 100% better. 

    Did you ever try a course of prednisone, Melissa? If so did it help you significantly? Wish I could be more help to you with your questions. This site doesn't seem terribly active. I had hoped for more interaction.

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