hey guys, I'm a 27 yo male with a recent onset of severe back pain. Im currently deployed in the Middle East, and there is a lot of down time, so I watch movies to help pass the time. About a week ago, I started having back pain after laying in bed for a few hours watching movies on my laptop. I figured it was from laying in bed so much, so I shrugged it off. The mild pain would come and go daily. Today, I finished a movie in bed and went for a run. About 2 miles in, something pops in my back, and the pain is unbearable. I had to walk back to my tent. The pain is in my middle/upper back, and intensifies when I move certain ways. The pain is dull continuously, but movement bring severe sharp pain. Even breathing is uncomfortable. Any advice? I plan on seeing the doctor tomorrow, but I already know they are gonna issue me some horse pills of ibuprofen and send me back. Thanks,



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    Hi Wayne
    Sorry to hear sbout your pain? Are you in the military? If so, I want to thank you for your service for starters.

    Unfortunately only some diagnostic testing s going to reveal what is going on. If your doctor just gives you meds and the pain doesn't go away after awhile you may want to ask for an mri.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for input! And yes, I'm in the USAF...thanks for the kind words. So I went to the doctor and as expected, they issued meds and sent me off. I will say the pain has lessened today. I have noticed that the muscles in back have started to have random spasms. I'm going to give it a few days, if no improvement I will definitely be requesting an MRI. Hopefully it's nothing, but I have had back issues in the past and I'm praying it's not coming back to haunt me!
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    hello wayne

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