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Need help to try to interpret my MRI results and what might explain the wicked pain level I have

Hi, I joined a long time ago but just lurked in the shadows trying to learn from everyone. I had a right side C4,5 and C5,6 decompression/laminectomy done on 2/12/15 and never had the pain go away, I have tried shots, massage, chiropractic, PT and although sometimes they help for short periods none has really stopped the pain. Over the last 6 months the pain has increased a lot. My regular Dr. treated me like some kind of drug addict and even refused to order a new MRI. So I spoke to my Rheumatoligist and he ordered a new MRI but is out on a med leave suddenly and so now I have the results and no one to interpret them. After my reg Dr (she is actually a nurse practitioner) made me feel like I am crazy or an addict, Ive started wondering if maybe I am losing it. I am not addicted to anything because I havent had any narcs or anything like that in over a year and never took much of it anyway. I would appreciate it if anyone can twll me if the tremendous pain in my neck and shoulders is related to these results: Impression: Multilevel disk osteophyte protrusion and mild central canal stenosis C4-C5 disk osteophyte indents the ventral surface of the thecal sac. Mild central canal stenosis is demonstrated. the right neural foramen is mildly narrowed. the left neural foramen is mild to moderately narrowed. C5-C6 disk osteophyte indents the ventral surface of the thecal sac and abuts the anterior surface of the spinal cord. the central canal is mildly narrowed. neural foramina appear mildly narrowed bilaterally. C6-C7 and C7-T1 central canal and neural foramina appear patent. I was told this and An EMG I had done and havent seen or heard much about have been sent to the neuro/spine surgeons that did the previous "repair". I live in very northern rural Maine and am feeling very alone with all this, any comments/insights would be very much appreciated. oh, and what I do know about the EMG the nurse stated that there are right side problems from neck thru to hand and some left side as well. This doesnt tell me anything, I dont know if it helps anyone looking at this? Thank you for letting me vent and hopefully someone might have some ideas and maybe some support....I am very scared and feeling isolated.


  • While no one here is qualified to read or interpret any medical records.. Spineys..many have personal experiences with these types of pain and can offer advice from their own journey.

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    As for considering the crazy part..
    No..its the system sometimes that makes us wonder that if the pain is real.
    It is
    Your in it and deserve answers and relief
    William Garza
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    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • thank you, I appreciate knowing that other people are out there....and for the good thoughts too!
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  • CarolP88CCarolP88 Western AustraliaPosts: 12
    Well, I don't know heaps but try googling the keys words, osteophytes and stenosis. I had similar on my MRI results. Stenosis was a narrowing of the canal that the spinal cord runs through and osteophyte seems to be a boney projection associated with degenerative changes. I hope you get to see your Dr soon!
  • thank you, I will try....not sure why I didnt think to google some of the words but it didnt occur to me. I have an appt on the 23rd, no one will see me sooner so I will have to continue to live with the pain in the meantime and try to learn as much as I can.
  • LizLiz Posts: 9,694
    I hope this helps you ..........

    No one on the Spine-Health patient forums is medically qualified to provide any advice or or recommendations on any diagnostic test. However, the following key words can always be applied.

    MILD .... Treated with conservative measures such as Physical Therapy and mild medications. Many times these situations can be cleared up and the condition can be resolved.

    MODERATE ....Some more treatments may be needed, ie Spinal Injections, Ultra sound and stronger medications. Always a possibility of more aggressive treatment if the conservative measures don't help

    SEVERE ....Need for stronger medications. The requirement for surgery may be necessary


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  • thank you, every bit helps!
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