New to all of this. Cervical stenosis,OA ECT.

Well, I am 37.   Live in Maine.  2 kiddos age 16 and 10.   Hubby is 46 he acts 80.   I work as a CNA at a nursing home.  
One afternoon after lifting a resident which should have been a 2 person I didn't want them to wait to use bathroom so I helped them. That is when the pain and arm numbness started along with blinding headaches.  I chalked it up to stress so about week 3 into this tingling began and trouble with holding things and I didn't feel it was safe for my residents.  

Doc thought a stroke or MS.   So CAT scan turns out the readings said and I joke you not findings: Brain negative lol.  So pain continued was put on light duty yeah not gonna happen at my work.   Pain was worse. Xrays and MRI off work 10 days.   A bit better now my doc made specific recommendations for light work.  Numbness in toes is intermittent, pain a bit better sometimes.  On like gabapentin, flexeril, Mobic it helps some.   Doc sent info for neurosurgeon to see.  DDD, the word which means liquid in disc is drying out, cervical stenosis, bone spurs pressing on thecal sac and loss of curve to neck.  Allergies and this bite.   Not only when you sneeze. Trying to explain this to people that don't understand, that I cannot walk as fast as I could before, and I just about trip over the white line of a crosswalk.   How do you help folks understand.   it has been almost 3 months.  I had pain before for a few years but it was take 2 Tylenol when it hurt which started off 1 or so times a week then started to be more common which was 2-3 times a week.   But my work is stressful and muscles being sore is common.  I am allergic to so many medications that I have built up quite a tolerance for pain.   Doc is weaning me off of Gabapentin due to allergies that took a few weeks to develop. 

I just want to ask my doc one major question when can I go back to full duty at work I miss my usual residents I am working dealing with activities and snacks.    Thank you for reading this.  


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    I am 86 years old and have severe cervical myelopathy in the c4-c5-c 6 region. I am having diffuculty finding a surgeon willing to operate because of, I believe, my age. My neurologist states that if I do not have surgery, I will eventually end up paralyzed. Has anyone experienced this problem?
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