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Would Love Some Feedback Please

Hi Everyone,
My Journey so far has been crazy. If you can, please bear with me, this may get lengthy. I have always been incredibly active. About 6 months ago, I was having a hard time reaching my right arm back onto the barbell when I was doing back squats. I thought I was having shoulder issues. I was seeing a chiropractor who was also one of my coaches. My Chiropractor worked with me and suspected rotator cuff. About 5 months ago, as my symptoms worsened, my Chiropractor suggested that I talk with my MD about it. My thought I had strained or torn rotator cuff. He sent me to a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapy and Chiropractor weren't working so my MD sent me to an Ortho consult. I had a quick and horrible consult. He quickly diagnosed me with frozen shoulder without listening to all of my symptoms: My symptoms started in my shoulder. I have pain in my arm that feels bruised around my deltoid and my tricep. Pain where my tricep meet. The pain feels like clothes pins on my tricep. Sometimes I feel burning and sometimes wet. I have loss of range of motion to the side and to the back and some to the front (the diagnosis of frozen shoulder). The pain shoots into my forearm and to the pinky and ring finger. He sent me for an MRI. He called with the results. Negative. Completely clear.

I was unhappy with the Dr. and the experience. My MD, Chiro and PT also thought I should have a second opinion. MD also sent for chest and neck xtrays. Unfortunately, the next Dr. was at the same practice at the first and listened about the same as the first... By the time I saw him, my symptoms were worsening. Now, my MD has me on Gabapentin. My fingers sometimes twitch and jerk. My left shoulder is now experiencing the same symptoms as the right one. I'm in pain all of the time. I saw the second Ortho who backed up the first one and said Frozen shoulder an I need manipulation surgery.

I still didn't feel right and asked my MD for a referral to another facility out of town. She listened to all of my symptoms and looked and my MRI and x-rays. She quickly stated that I have a neck problem. She said all of my symptoms are because of my neck. She looked at my x-ray and said, "You have a terrible neck". Now I'm waiting to have an MRI of the neck. I'm still in miserable pain. The left arm is getting worse. I have no idea what's going on and today is a really bad day in the right deltoid. If someone has had a similar experience with a resolution, I would like to know. I have had PT for months now with no resolution. My hand just twitch and type on their own sometimes. And the pain sometimes is more than I can bear. Any feedback is appreciated!!


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