Bone overgrowth BMP. how to find specific user?

Someone said to read ERNURSE 's post because she is knowledgeable about BMP overgrowth. Seem my neurosurgeon also hid this from me. I have bony growth on L4 which was not part of my fusion. It is also in the foramen which was once narrow and now closed. I also didn't fuse anteriorly. I have horrifying nerve pain. The dr lied and said I had a new annular tear at L4 but I always had a tiny tear there and it is asymptomatic. He was hinting at L4 because he knew I had bony heterotopic bone growth there but didn't want to tell me for some reason. Also he said my nerves are all free only the MRI and Ct says that cant be ascertained because the hardware is in the way. So my spine is ruined, I am in constant pain and I am in mental anguish as I discover new things that went wrong by the day. I never knew BmP was so controversial. Surgeon told me that he was using standard treatment and some "growth factors" on top to ensure good coverage. He never explained it was BMP or what the risks are, apparently VERY high. 43% chance of complications and some studies say even higher. I think I was part of an experiment, they are trying to still work out the BMP, try different ways to place it and I was never the wiser. I was in so much pain by the time I was going to surgery, I placed too much trust in the neurosurgeon. He is at the top university in New York City and I figured he had to be competent. He also diagnosed me correctly because I had done plenty of research into that. I didn't calculate he couldn't execute the surgery or worse, he was lying every step of the way. That has been the toughest part. The mental anguish because he keeps sending me down the wrong road. Someone told me to sue him just to get him to disclose what happened, he will be forced to answer questions. He plays so many games. When I told him I was having horrible symptoms he would say "it's acute and will be gone in 2 months" or "mri says all the nerves are free so you should look into other reasons since it is not your back" only he cant see the nerves o imaging because theyre blocked by the hardware and he wasted my time, I went and did all this other stuff trying to find another reason even though the pain is clearly in my back, I think I know where it hurts! and it runs down my leg and under my foot. So I am very devastated and in shock. I just learned today about the overgrowth because I asked for my notes and he lied and wrote he told me I had bone overgrowth and he never did. He said if he did revision, then I would be at risk for bone overgrowth so in order to avoid that complication he would be fusing L4 during the revision" that made no sense. He would fuse it in case I had bone overgrowth? So I knew I must have already had problems at L4, he knows now it needs to be fused and sure enough, there it was. Please tell me how to find ERnurse, I don't know how to search users and if anyone knows if they can remove this bony matter or is it permanent thank you


  • I am a friend of hers outside this forum. PM me and I'll ask her to take a look at your issue.

  • Thank you very much
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  • Wow my situation is very similar. I had an l4-l5 fusion and my surgeon kept putting off a CT scan and told me my pain didnt matter if it wasnt going down my leg and that I should have never seen my MRI report. He sent me to physical medicine dr that misdiagnosed me with SI dysfunction and I did expensive injections/treatments for about 6 months before getting a second opinion. A CT scan revealed nerve compression from bone and also extra bone fusing the level above my hardware. I was never told about the problems BMP could cause. I just had surgery to free the nerve a couple weeks ago. Can anyone PM me about the BMP overgrowth/possible current lawsuits I can join. I've contacted some lawyers doing mass tort, but missed the time window.
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