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Still symptomatic after 10 months.

I hurt my neck badly weight lifting in January and since then have been through several symptom stages. Immediately after the injury I had an MRI that showed nothing but a slight bulge at C5 C6 which my doctor said was nothing. It was deemed a soft tissue injury affecting either the muscles, ligaments or both. Since the injury I had stiffness for weeks and limited ROM. That eventually resolved itself along with the cracking and crunching noises I would get when turning my head quickly. I also used to get tension headaches and some intermittent ear pain which has also reduced but I still get it but rarely. However what hasn't left and is still proving to be a persistent chronic issue is muscle tightness in and around my neck. Everyday I get some sort of muscle tension without any logic or reasoning. It isn't provoked by any single movement or activity. Sometimes it's my upper trap, sometimes my scapulae and other times it could be my SCM right in the front of my throat. This can also switch from the right to the left side so I know it's not a particular muscle that's the problem but instead my body involuntarily tensing certain muscles for reasons that are beyond me. I have no limitations since my injury and no real traditional pain. I am back to weight lifting and working out and actually rely on it for relief since that and laying down to sleep are the only two ways I know to get rid of the tightness. I'm pretty sure this is a muscular issue but have no idea why this is happening and neither do doctors who are all quick to prescribing muscle relaxers which I am not a fan of. The tightness isn't painful just very annoying, distracting and discomforting. I was given one explanation that I still have a degree of cervical instability from possible ligaments being overstretched post injury and my body is overworking my neck muscles to stabilize my neck. Does anyone have a clue to why this could still be happening so long after my injury and more importantly what I can do to resolve this? 


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    Ramzy87 - Hello,

    Each person's medical conditions and situations are as unique as snowflakes - no 2 are the same.

    That being said ... I suffer from chronic cervical myositis - due to all the surgeries I have had to allow me to continue to walk and use my arms. In my experience ..... 1 or 2 minor "injuries" can have long lasting effects on our lives and health.

    It would appear that you have a good knowledge of a number of potential problem(s) you are having.
    Sometimes a little knowledge can be a (less than optimal) thing.

    Regards from across the pond,

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