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Pinched Nerve C6

So about 10 days ago or so I slept wrong and I woke up with a stiff neck. I could barely turn my head. Now that isn't a problem but i started getting pain from my upper back on the right side over to my shoulders. It then spread the whole way down my arm basically and my thumb was feeling kinda numb a few days later. I went to the ER because I couldn't sleep with the pain/discomfort and they gave me oral steroid and some pain meds. This seemed to help a little but now i'm off the steroid and i just have OTC pain meds to use. I went to my GP this week and he basically said it was pinched nerve and that it will clear up on its own in 2 weeks. I was surprised he didn't send me to physical therapy or something but he said he didn't think it would work.

The numbness of my thumb has subsided and today i can still feel a difference but it isn't quite as numb as it was last week. Sleeping at night is still very difficult for me. I seem to only get a few hours because then the pain starts and I haven't figured out how to sleep through it. Driving seems to be the other event that is difficult to endure for me. When i'm driving I can feel the pain just to the right of my neck going into my shoulder blade the whole time. I've been trying to do some neck exercises and I think they are helping slightly. I'm just not sure if this condition will heal on its own or what? 


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    Akertis- Welcome to Spine-Health,

    Not to question the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions of your fine medical professionals - in their effect to resolve your problem - but ........ if this continues to persist ...... I'd be thinking about an MRI to get the real inside story.  

    May I ask you how many years young/old you are? Any other known health conditions or current medications?



  • I'm 35 years old. This is the first time I can remember having anything back/neck related pain. The only other condition is it appears that I may have hemochromatosis but i'm working through that currently. I'm not on any medications other than what i've been taking for the pain recently. Yeah, my GP seemed to be a bit too laid back for my liking and my wife wants me to see someone else. 
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  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772

    If I were in your situation .... I would best be served by seeing a Licensed M.D. or D.O. - Orthopedic or Neuro that specializes in necks.  They would  most likely get a MRI and go from there with other possible treatments - remedies.

    Let us know how things proceed.


  • FYI - a D.O. Is a doctor of OSTEOPATHIC medicine and not a medical doctor (M.D.). 
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    edited 12/04/2016 - 2:24 PM
    FYI - A doctor of osteopathy has the same training and privileges as an M.D. - With the exception that D.O.'s are trained in osteopathic manipulation of the spine - and lean more towards holistic approaches.  OMT is what D.C.'s do but D.O.'s did it first..  OMT??  Osteopathic Manipulation of the Spine.


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  • FYI - there are D.O.'s who have done fellowships in orthopaedic surgery.  Just clarifying that D.O. does not stand for an orthopedic doctor.  
    Sorry if you were offended by trying to help guide a patient to the correct medical doctor if he or she decides on such a major surgery.  
    Take care.

  • 2rodee22rodee DFW, TexasPosts: 2
    Newbie here..  I did the same thing (get hurt by a pillow..)   Except I'm 64 going on 50.  I had an X-ray and an MRI, took the steroid pak, and pain pills.  One thing I can recommend (until you get some help..) is a round pillow called "Total Pillow".   It's like a donut and it supports your neck while you sleep or sit in a lazy-boy type chair.  I don't move ALL night.  I almost went to the ER myself, so I know how you feel!!    Yes, go to your doctor, it's not going to get better on it's own sweetie.  I went to chiropractor, and I could get some relief.  That MIGHT be all you need at this point.  But since your arm is going numb (like mine... every time I look down)  you need to get an evaluation.  An MRI would probably be your best bet.  My appt is on the 19th... I'll keep you posted, you do the same.  Good luck!!!
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