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ACDF C5-C7 Nov 2,2016

My husband just had surgery on his neck for ACDF C5_C7 Fusion Surgery they used a dead person bone to replace his.. Nov 2, 2016, was in surgery 2 hours .all went well with surgeryt they fusion was all followed with a plate to hold the fusion in palced, stayed over night at motel in memphis then went on our 3hr drive home, His wearing a soft collar whice comes off this week after 3wks..Now my ? is ..His on a very high level of home and work Restrictions for 6months  whice is killing us financially! here are the Restrictions is there anyone else that has them this high this sound a little out of the norm ,they wasn't this high after his brain surgery this pass march! they are No Lifting over 10 pounds,No Bending,NoTwisting his neck,NoPushing,No Bending,No Pulling over 10 pounds,No Kneeling,No Squatting,No Crouching,No Crawing,No Climbing,No Balancing,No standing 8hrs...I'm like really ...His work can't meet them Restrictions for even  Secretary Work for light duty..His job is a Active Production Work Electrician...8hrs aday for 40 hrs aweek...we understand some of the Restrictions..But all this...The Surgeons Nurse did these Restricitions...Was just wondering if anyone else was under such High Restrictions for 6months..His in a Month Pre -Op...No PT  orders where gave to him...said could drive after 3wks Post-Op whice is up today Nov 3rd and Soft collar off next week.. Any reply's would greatly be Helpful...This surgery is because of his Chiari Malformation..whice caused his brain stem to drop out  of his skull onto his spin and caused him to have Herniated disc from C5_C7.. his Age 50 ..Just wanted too ask ? from others that have been thou this surgery and about your Restrictions Orders .. Thank - you Wife Dec 3rd 2016


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 735
    Had ACDF C6/C7 in 2013 with same restrictions. Had ADR C5/C6 in 2012. Same. Had PT after each. 2 weeks after each, I was in PT. Been trying to recover ever since. Docs can't make me stop hurting. Just got an SCS last month and it is helping. 
  • Hey skay, had ACDF of C3-C4 on Nov 2nd was put on the same restrictions till the surgeon did his first follow up on the 17th of Nov. He released me to increase the weight up to 40 lbs, and the movements are pretty much open to what I feel that I can do, as long as there is no quick turning of my head type. Which my recovery is going very well haven't had any meds since the 6th of Nov, and only had over the counter tylenol like twice. Hope your husband is doing well, if he is then he should discuss these restrictions with the surgeon directly..

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  • Hi. Yes, these restrictions are required. I had my c4-c6 discs replaced with titanium plates along with cadaver bones and fusion October 2015. THE WORST PAIN IN MY LIFE! (And I had natural child birth) I am a secretary. I was off work for a little over 1.5 months. I HAD to go back due to no money coming in. My restrictions were exactly the same as your husbands. I completely understand your financial worrie, man do I ever! We actually had to eventually file bankruptcy. Not just due to the time off, but due to my husband also has degenerative didn't disease and has had 2 spinal surgeries 1 year before my surgery. He also had tons of restrictions. My neck is still very painful  (surgeon could not get my pain under control) a month after surgery, I sneezed and I felt a "pop" I'm my lower back. Come to find out I know have a buldged and herniated disc in my lower back along with hip issues. I am in pain 24/7. Please tell your husband that being and staying picture is a must. (Although I have days where I feel like I can't deal with the pain anymore. I have a great pain specialist who actually listens to me and seems to really care. I wish you and your husband nothing but the best. Good luck! :) 
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