New sharp pain

It's been almost a year since I had a fusion of L5S1 and lamectomy and tonight out of the blue I have a new sharp pain just to the left and right below my scar. It's in a very tiny spot compared to my previous pain and overall the pain in my back has been much better since about six months ago. Going to call the dr in the morning it's very sharp. All the x-rays have been promising thus far. Anyone else experience this?


  •  An MRI can tell if there is a problem like a migrating pedicle screw or non fusion. Years later I discovered that my spine had autofused right above where I had a fusion at L4-5 and L5-S1. I'm not sure if it's the case for you since the sacrum is fused together naturally. There is also a risk for adjacent segment degeneration when you go through a fusion. It's what happened to me and it turned into autofusion, DDD, disc bulge, and stenosis years after surgery. 
  • The pain has gotten much better, I see the dr next week. I can't remember, but I think my L 5 was slipped over s 1or there was also something wrong with the sacral vertebrae also.

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  • Thanks for the response. It could be it was hurting because when I drove home from my Thanksgiving feast this Sunday it was blizzard weather and a forty five minute drive took an hour and a half. And I was super tensed up because I almost went in the ditch several times. It hurts a bit now that I am relaxed from the day, but not the sharp pain I had that night.
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