Extreme hip and groin pain

 Hello there I'm new to this group I'll give you a little background about myself, I'm 49 years old, have been a machinist for 28 years and I was suffering from extreme lower back Pain which ran down the back of my leg and into my foot, we known as sciatica. 
                  My MRI in April 2016 had shown disc extrusion at L1/L2  with cephalad migration about 12 mm in length,  and 3 to 4 mm in thickness protruding into the spinal canal, I also have a mild disc herniation at L3/L4 and finally had disc herniation at L5/S1  with spondylosis. After going through physical therapy, seeing the chiropractor, going through traction, and  having numerous injections I finally ended up having surgery in August 2016. I had fusion of L5/S1  which was done on two separate days, the first day they went through my abdomen and inserted a cage and then two days later they went thru my back and put rods and screws into my vertebrae to stabilize and allow the fusion to take. I am still suffering from lower back pain but now it's more  localized in my left hip  with the burning sensation in the middle of my back and into my hip as well,  sleeping at night is a challenge and sitting is very uncomfortable as well.  Lately trying to sleep has been a nightmare the hip pain now is into my right side occasionally which feels like fire and I debated on going to the emergency room the other night but was being stubborn and just didn't go.  I believe that the pain I'm feeling in my hip is caused by the disc extrusion at L1/L2, from looking online doing some research I see that the nerve roots from that area run around into the hip and groin.  I have recently spoken to my surgeon about this additional pain that I am having and unfortunately I cannot have another CT scan until January and can't get into see him till February, so now I am debating whether or not to try another injection to see if it calms my hip down. I am just looking for some advice or to talk with someone who has similar experiences as I have, any input would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.


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    My PM has always been very aggressive treating my spine pain. If he wants me to do injections, a nerve block or ablations, I do them. Especially towards the end of the year when I have already maxed out my out of pocket and everything is free. Up to you of course. Good luck. 
  • heffehheffe Buffalo, NYPosts: 5
    Thank you. I just had my CT scan moved up and had it done this past Wednesday and my pain management Dr called me on Friday to tell me that the scan when compared to the last one showed a new herniation at L1/2. So now I'm awaiting the ok from the surgeon to have another injection to help alleviate my pain that is in my hips and groin. I feel fire in those areas often. My PM doesn't want to do the injection without his ok first because I just had fusion of L5/S1 in August. 
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    hello heffe!
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  • heffehheffe Buffalo, NYPosts: 5
    UPDATE: So I went to the emergency room last night because my  hips were on fire literally felt like they were burning through to my skin, all they did was manage my pain and sent me home which I figured would happen, so I called the doctor today and I am finally getting into see him on Monday, January 16, and I am going for an MRI today at 2 PM.  I didn't know what to do anymore so I went to the ER just for a bit of Relief as I do not take any kind of pain medication because I don't want to become addicted and if I have to have surgery again I want to pain meds to work because I feel if I'm taking them now I will be immune to the dose and they really won't give you much more. I will post more as it comes available. 
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