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Decreased sensation in half of my groin

Hi all! 27 year old male here, 5'7, about 180 lbs. My back history consists of a muscle spasm flare up maybe about once every year or two since I was in high school, and then what I felt to be a dull lower back pain that began to be more persistent around the time I started my new job in July. So about two weeks ago I had left sided sciatica come on somewhat acutely over the course of a couple of days. It grew to the point of excruciating and horrible and I went to urgent care where I got a week's worth of prednisone, some norco, and Lodine. There was definitely some progress over the course of the week, but one day after the prednisone course was done, I had a particularly long day at work and came home what felt like some unusually heavy pain/tenseness in my buttocks. It was almost like I could tell that it was about to shoot a bunch of pain down my leg at any moment's notice, so I tried to McKenzie it but nothing. Sure enough, that night was AWFUL and i had a sudden switching of my sciatica from the left side to the right side over the course of the night. Up until this point with the left sided sciatica, I wasn't feeling any alarm symptoms. This time, however, now with the pain on my right side, I could feel a distinct numbness/tingling in my groin/perineum. Went to urgent care again, reported this to the doc, he did a rectal which showed good tone and intact pinprick/pressure, so he was not worried for CES. I got another course of steroids and valium for my muscle spasms and instructed for strict rest the rest of the weekend.

At this point now, I continue to feel pain in my right leg which has made it relatively weak on standing up, as well as distinctly decreased right sided sensation of my penis/scrotum/perineum. Haven't had any bladder/bowel problems.  Pinprick/pressure/rectal tone still good. What's worried me most is that when I try to watch porn, I can get maybe 1/2-3/4 erect, but can't bring myself to ejaculate. Can I attribute this to just the fact that half my penis has decreased sensation and isn't really feeling it? The fact that i'm still in leg pain and as a whole I'm probably not really "feeling it"? I know this seems petty but as a young guy this is obviously something worrisome to me. I've been trying to call my doctor to get an MRI scheduled ASAP without having to go to the ER but we seem to keep playing a game of phone tag. I'm seeing her regardless later in the week, and an ortho doc at the end of the month. Any thoughts on all this, particularly the sexual stuff?

Thank you all, what a great resource reading through this forum has been, truly. 


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