2nd opinion from workman's comp after 2 failed disectomies

I injured my back while turning a patient working for a hospice company. I had a large, paracentral herniation at the L5 S1 in June of 2015. Workman's comp approved my first disectomy in August of 2015. Two weeks into recovery and fell due to losing my balance and reherniated the same disc. Workman's comp approved the 2nd surgery in December of 2015. I was still experiencing muscle cramps, sharp pain that radiated down the left leg, numbness in half of my foot, sharp, stabbing pain in my heels. Had a 2nd MRI in February and it showed edema at the same spot. I have gotten progressively worse to the point that I can barely bend or twist without having sharp pinching at the same area. The orthopedic surgeon has now requested a fusion after failed physical therapy. Workman's comp wants me to see a neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion. It took them four weeks to decide that I needed a 2nd opinion and in the mean time I'm in pain and lose my balance all the time. Has anyone had similar symptoms and issues with Workman's comp. I feel alone and swept aside and just need to talk with people who understand. I couldn't attend my college graduation due losing feeling in my legs when I sit or stand for longer then 5 minutes. I feel a bit defeated and crazy at times. Anyone out there going through this or has gone through this?


  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,927
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    Hello Cassica

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    Bummer on all the pain and doctor issues
    Hang in there and soon someone whose walked in your shoes will answer
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    I too have workers comp insurance.  MRI L4/5 Level 1 disc and stenosis. PT and epidurals no good.  I've been on pain meds for 2 years.  Original diagnosis was muscle sprain/strain.  I took a pro-active approach and saw a neuro who recommended lamenactomies and disectomey of L4/5 with fusion. I understood that the recovery was brutal and wasnt' too fond of hardware in my back.  I was scheduled for surgery and cancelled and now have a consult with another neuro.  Fingers crossed for you and me.  We are in the same boat.  btw, do you have an attorney?
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  • Motor1MMotor1 Pittsburgh, PaPosts: 593
    @cassica - I can relate to you on so many things. I also worked in Hospice & was injured doing care on a resistive patient. I ended up having 2 neck surgeries & rotator cuff surgery. 
    When my first fusion surgery didn't fuse, I had to find a new doctor. He did an mri & X-rays & showed me where my neck didn't fuse. 
    Work comp made me see an "independent" doctor. He agreed that my neck wasn't fused & recommended another surgery. 
    Do you have an attorney? If you don't, I highly recommend you get one. They usually only charge a fee if they get you a settlement. I would be lost without mine. 
    I am sorry you are going through this. 

  • I do not have an attorney. My husband and I have talked about it but he says we shouldn't because they haven't done anything illegal. 

    The neurosurgeon that they sent me to agreed that I needed a fusion. So what comes next? How long will it take them to approve the surgery. 

  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 111
    Im sorry for your problems.  As I deal with them also. I for one would never go to a doctor my workman's comp have picked out for me.  I would want a doctor I picked and feel good with. Not the one they picked. Im sure they use him a lot in hopes he says your fine and gets you off comp. You husband my feel you dont need a lawyer. Its what you do that can hurt you.  Does not hurt to look into a lawyer, most are free. Your protecting you health and well being. Trust me, They have lawyers that are trying to end your case. And get you off comp.

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  •  I agree. Workmen's Comp is not looking after your best interest. I would reconsider getting a lawyer. 
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