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Upper back pain

jme89jjme89 West MidlandsPosts: 1
Hi, I'm new to spine-health & generally forums all together, so forgive me if I've broken any of the **attention new members** rules. Usually I'd just search Google but I couldn't find any with my exact problems.

I'm a 27 year old male and I'm quite an active guy, I play footie quite a lot and used to weight train but my bad back has been interfering with that of late. Not really so much a pain issue but more of a worry that I'll make it worse.

I first started having pains in my upper rib cage about a year ago, a few times it was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the doctors and I was told I'd most likely just pulled a muscle from working out. I just took painkillers (which didn't really help) & eventually it went away. A couple of months ago I started feeling minor pains in the middle of my upper back but it was bareable until recently. About a week ago the pains got much worst, the pain is constant below my shoulder blades, either side of my spine. Sometimes the pain radiates lower down to my mid back and up towards the start if my neck. The pain is definitely more severe on my left side and also travels around the left rib area which I mentioned previously.

Just wondering if any of you guys know what could be causing this? I've booked any appointment with my GP so hopefully they know. Fingers crossed


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    All our members relate through their own experiences.

    Sadly, thoracic injurys are misunderstood since its supposed to be the strongest area,of the body.

    It wasnt hard to spot my area where it was mesy though
    William Garza
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,212
    Many times a symptom can overlap a variety of causes.
    My first heart attack, main symptom was like a burning pain filled fist coming out through my upper mid back.
    I later found out that is not abnormal symptom for women to have.

    Later, my mid back and undershoulder blade very severe pain. I had tests and they ruled out gall bladder issue...and I was left with untreated pain.
    Even later in time, more of my body in chronic pain and I aggressively sought help..explaining my symptoms repeatedly until someone listened.
    My right rib cage forward to naval and under rib cage and back rib cage to mid upper back led doctor to do spinal tests.
    My pain management doctor is the one who understood my pain and discovered my thoracic spine issues.

    My PM doctor discovered issues with cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas of spine.
    At that time I did not have any cervical symptoms .....until about one year ago, about five years after PM doctor diagnosed me.

    It is good you are to see your GP soon.
    Hopefully, you will be sent for tests and find cause.

    I share my story to say, it may take more than one test, more than one focus, to find cause of pain.
    And to remember,  having tests to rule out issues is as important as tests to find cause of pain.
    Diagnosing and treatment for pain can be trial and try again!

    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
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