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Need encouragement Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant surgery gone wrong.

December 5, 2016  Monday I was so excited I was set to get my permanent Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant, my trail went great had 80% relieve it has been years that I had little to no pain. My surgery was set for 2:30 Doctor told us it would last a little over an hour at 4:00 pm and my husband hadn't not heard anything and couldn't  find out anything he began to worry. At 5:00 pm he went back to the nurses station a nurse told him to wait a minute she left and came right back she took him into a consulting room he waited about 20 minutes and my Doctor come to let him know that they was putting me in the hospital said things didn't go well. I knew when things went wrong ,  he put the led in my right leg first I remember talking with him to let him know were I was feeling the Stimulator, as soon as he started on the left leg I went to screaming it was the worst pain I ever  had. I've  had two children 3 back surgeries I know what pain is the kind I should have been having and the kind I shouldn't be having the pain was so unreal I was screaming to stop, please stop then it was like I couldn't say anything I was just crying so hard and praying to God I remember telling God I was ready to go if it was in His plan but I really wanted to stay longer with my husband, children and grandchildren on earth. I finally got to see my husband all I could do was cry and say I'm sorry the pain was still terrible. The Doctor told me and my husband that he was ordering a CT test. He was worried about a  hematoma which was caused by him hitting a nerve causing the blood to pool outside of the blood vessel  he was afraid it was clotting around my spinal cord which would have paralyze me or a blood clot forming, he keep telling me it was nothing to worry about I was going to be OK. I knew better my Father-in-law fell down some stairs several years ago he died in the hospital the day he was going home he died of a blood clot so I knew what blood clots could do. I was still hurting so bad I wouldn't let them move me off of the surgical stretcher it hurt to bad for them to move me I laid there from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm until they got the results from my CT scann, that I was in the clear they put me in a hospital bed then. On Tuesday afternoon they let me go home I had to use a walker to walk. Thursday I was getting some better still a lot of pain started using a Kane went to my granddaughters basketball game making it fine at the game had very little pain but my pain got worst during the night till the point of tears Friday not much improvement Friday night pain 10+  my pain since my surgery I can't stand anything to touch my leg like cover hand the slightest movement it just hurts so bad, Doctors wants me up moving because of blood clots I'm moving but it hurts . Sitting here Saturday morning not any better going back on walker to see if that will help. My left thigh hurts knee cap down to my ankle burning deep sharp pain. I'm at a loss what to do . My husband is being great on helping me but he is at a loss also. Has this ever happened to anyone else if so how did it turn out and how long to get over it? Seen my Doctor on Monday one week after surgery he just said give it some time gave me more pain meds which I want off and told me to come back in a month, things should get better. My Spinal Cord Stimulator guy reprogrammed me on Monday also. I have been using it  since I came home on Monday but I turned it off this morning going to see if that might  be aggravating it. I could not use it after the surgery it has been off until I got home it made me hurt really bad. I don't blame my Doctor at all this is just one of those thing that happened.


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    That's horrible... I hope things start improving for you soon.

    If I'm reading your story right you were awake during the surgery???

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  • This just happened to me two weeks ago except they had just put in the temporary leads and I was asleep and woke up screaming in pain like I have never felt and I too have 3 kids... They sent me home after g omg me so many drugs and after 36 hours I was admitted to the hospital (to check for a hematoma so the then took out the lead ( so any pain relief from even that was out) and did an MRI which like yours didn’t show what they were look for and now they say they want to wait a couple of more weeks.  Meanwhile the only way I can walk is with a walker and I am in agony. I am terrified that this is going to be the rest of my life.... I know your post was a couple of years ago but I am hope so much that you will see this.  Please if you do please reach out I need to know what happened,

    Thank you

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