Cleaning your bottom after surgery

im surprised not many have asked this embarrassing question- how do you clean your bottom after pooping without twisting your back too much? I'm 3-weeks post op and still am worried I'm twisting too much! Thanks!


  • Thank you! Why don't docs tell you these things?? My next stocking stuffer 
  • First off I would ask your doctor for a order to be seen by an Occupational Therapist. They can instruct you on adaptive equipment that you can get and how to use it for not only cleaning your bottom but doing many normal everyday activities. Unfortunately surgeons are only worried with what their job is and once they feel they have fixed you they are kind of out of ideas. One simple thing you can use to clean your bottom without ordering anything is this: Buy a pair of tongs like you would use for cooking or the grill. Once you have them have someone bend the tong end at about a 45 degree angle. Then wrap toilet paper around the tongs and you can hold it in your hand an angle it in to clean your bottom. Allows you to do it without twisting as much. The kitchen tongs are much cheaper than the same basic devices you order that are made specially for the same thing. In fact we OT's buy them for patients at the dollar store or Big Lot for a couple bucks. Cheaper to replace that way! But please ask to see an Occupational Therapist as there are many other tricks they can teach you to save wear and tear on your back and remain independent.
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