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Neck disc dislocated


I am new to this forum and seeking help on my neck pain. I had a severe pain in my neck since one week. The area of pain is from neck to the left shoulder and headache. I took some pain killers and muscle relaxants but the pain didn't go within a week, then i went to see a neuro surgeon who did MRI and prescribed me to use hard collar (philadelphia) and pain killers and muscle relaxants. As per the doctor my neck's disc is dislocated. How long would i have to wear this hard collar? medicines are prescribed for five days only and today is 3rd day. After recovery, do i need to be more careful? i heard that there are chances to go through the same problem frequently. Please guide.



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    hello asifa!
    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumplease click on link for helpful information!
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 3,491
    As Ron, above, mentioned, we are not medical professionals.

    You have some very good questions? What has you doctor had to say? plans tA, B, care for you?
    Please keep very good communication with your doctor!

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