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29 year old with substantial changes in spine

Hi all, 
I am hoping someone can offer some advice as I am in horrible pain and nothing seems to be working!  My latest intervention was a facet block with zero relief! 

I had had a disc extrusion at L2/L3 7 years ago that I had zero issues with after.  4 months ago I began to loose feelin in my left leg while running then pain shooting down the leg to now a new symptom of cramps in my big toe mostly at night.

i went to the doctors at the end of October and they ordered a MRI which showed extensive changes including some of the following: a fracture in the left pedicule of L5, extensive bone marrow at L4-5, a small cyst, multiple disc bulges/ herniations, and a pseudo joint at L5 and the sacrum with bone growth on the left side of L5.  The followed up with a ctscan which confirmed the fracture and the previous.  I saw a neuro surgeon who ordered a nuclear bone scan which showed uptake in L4-L5 and had the block the same day.  I am losing weight daily and have zero appetite.  

The doctor states there is large amounts of arthritis but he can not explain the pain and why the block did by work.  He also said my spine appears stable after reviewing X-rays. 

I work as as a police officer and I am usually very active.  I am getting to the point where it is hard to work and I am in constant limiting pain. It also makes me worried that I am 29 with a back deteriorating like this.  All of these changes were within one year!

any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
thank you


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 735
    Whenever nerve blocks did not work for me, the next step was always surgery. GLTU.
  • Thank you, I'm looking for a second opinion.  This surgeon referred me back to my pcp ugh
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    hello ajm9 !
    it is good you under doctor's care! it sounds like doctor taking you seriously and is in your corner.

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  •  They would usually do  radio frequency ablation if the nerve block relieves at least half of the pain. If you end up having surgery, recovery can take up to a year if it's a fusion. You may be able to work at a desk a couple of months after, depending on the type of surgery and how the recovery goes. Take care
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