Help, I can't get rid of the inflammation

Did great for the first 5-6 weeks, as if I had never herniated L4-L5.   Day by day, the sciatica came back not only in my leg where it had been pre surgery but also in my butt.  My N/S did not feel that I had reherniated but at my insistence, ordered an MRI which showed edema, inflammation and some fluid.  NS said that the fluid was normal,  not to have an epidural or have the fluid drawn out as the surgery area was fertile ground for infection (infection was ruled out with blood work).  Did  a short course of prednisone which did nothing.  Then he told me to take two alleves in the morning and in the evening.  Very little benefit after 5 weeks but the sciatica in leg and butt are now gone.  The pain is now in my lower back and mostly on the other side from the affected disk.  Next, a 3 week course of decadron which really helped but I did not like the side effects.  Finished that and the lower back came back within two days.  Feels like I have a 50 lb. weight in my low back.  I have been doing flexion stretches and am quite flexible but my extension is crazy stiff.  PT says don't do extension type of stretches while having extension pains so I haven't been doing them for now.  Had the surgery on 8/26 so I am over 4 months post op.  I am blessed to be out of the sciatic pain but just can't shake the stiffness in my lower back and I walk like I have a popsicle stick shoved up my bum.  Anybody dealt with this kind of problem and what can I do to get rid of the inflammation without trashing my kidneys and liver on NSAIDS and steroids?


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    Hey Cyclerider, Inflammation is a hard cycle to beat. I have struggled with SI and low backpain due to inflammation for almost 4 years now. I have tried what my doc prescribed and am done with steroids and their side effects. I am allergic to NSAIDS and other treatments. Then I began looking into herbals. I believe that the garlic, ginger, fish oil, etc all made an overall difference in my health but I still had the pain. So my husband (6 months post total knee replacement) and I started taking Turmeric with Bioperine (black pepper). The human body needs the black pepper to help with absorption of the curcumin in the turmeric. You can also use a fat like olive oil or coconut oil to help with the absorption because bioperine (black pepper) can also influence the absorption of other drugs you may use. We started out slow with dosing because of my multiple allergies. We ramped up our dose over 6 weeks. Both of us have noticed a SIGNIFICANT drop in our pain levels. We both are still aware of our issues by the discomfort we feel but the pain is no where as bad. I mentioned this to my orthopedist who said research is being done with turmeric curcumin and the research is positive in its ability to decrease inflammation. Once the inflammation decreases, pain will thus decrease according to the literature. It takes some time to get the effects but for us it is a God send. Good luck and God bless!



     Before you try any
    supplement, herb, over the counter item,  exercise program,  mechanical aid,  brace, 
    etc  always consult with
    your doctor to make sure you get their approval.Some of these products may be very effective, but no two
    individuals or medical conditions are alike. 
    What works for one, may cause trouble for another.

      Ron DiLauro,
    Veritas Health Forum Manager

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    Just a reminder.....doctors need to be aware of all you are taking, including over the counter meds, and herbals.....
    What may be beneficial to one may be harmful to another.
    There are times when herbal remedies can interact with prescribed meds ..which is one reason doctor needs to be aware.
    Thank you.....
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  • Thanks Mara!  At last appointment with N/S, he started me on Relafen two times per day.  He stated that folks having this kind of surgery typically have a tough Winter and that he thinks I will be back to normal symptom wise by this Spring.  Like you, I have been taking turmeric, ginger, fish oil, along with the relafen.  I have been doing a bit better since I wrote the above so I hope I am starting to turn a corner towards health and wellness.  The substance in pineapple is known to help with pain, don't know about  inflammation and I forgot the name of the supplement but it starts with a B.  I have also been taking tart cherry juice which is supposed to be good for inflammation.
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    Hello Cycle,

    May I ask what surgery did you have done??


  • Laminectomy/discectomy
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  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 410
    Was it performed surgically or via laser? - was the discectomy complete or partial?  In my option ..... If the discectomy was partial - then you partially removed a diseased disc ........ which would imply although a number of the symptom may have resolved ...... a "partial" amount of diseased disc remains -the L4-L5  structure has been altered and a potentially unstable disc remains??  These maybe points to consider and discuss with your physician.  Sorry more questions than answers.


  • Surgically.  I believe discectomy implies that a portion of the disk was removed, i.e. only the portion and perhaps a bit more that was out of the annulus  and pinching the nerve root.  When the disk is completely removed, that would imply that one had a fusion or artificial disk replacement.  Someone correct me if I am wrong here.
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 410
    Yes you are correct!

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