Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion c5/c6

I am 51 and have had stenosis in my neck for over a year. It has gotten to where I stay off balance and in constant pain after I do excessive motion such as cleaning. I am having surgery on January 12,2017. My children are grown and have been a big help but my son came in angry at me and said his friend said I was acting and the surgery isnt important.


  • Not sure if I did this right so re posting, its my first one

    So I'm 51 and had surgery just 3 weeks ago to stop my tricep from losing more strength and muscle atrophy. I had a Foraminotomy on the left side because my right side is strong (fingers crossed) . Just did my Post op today and start PT as soon as the approval chain clears. The original thinking when I had an MRI was a stroke but it showed stenosis and disc bulging pressing on the nerve and with the fast changes in my arm strength we did surgery ASAP. The great thing is I've never had pain which is actually why I got the surgery so fast because I was told no pain is worse than pain because it means the nerve is dying. I still have no pain but mostly ache in my shoulders but I'm still not far out from surgery so things should change. I have also noticed stumbling and I was even told I slurred a bit but I had taken a muscle relaxant that morning so I will chalk it up to that. I will monitor and see if I have further balance issues but I drag my feet anyway so hard to say but I will pay attention. The bottom line here is your not alone and what you are going through is what others experience as well.(IT IS REAL !!) I really really really hope I can get the muscles back working and building again because just 8 months ago I was called buff and all of that buff is gone now. My doctor told me today that when the surgery is done there is scar tissue that forms and recovery can take a full 2 years but I'm so highly motivated I want to start this very second and if it takes a million reps at 1 ounce then I will do a million plus 1. I wish you the best and hope your family removes their cranium from the certain area because this stuff is no joke and what you need is 1000% support here and not petty bullshit hurtful comments from people who love you. I'm super lucky that I have full support and they do laugh at me when I'm doing something on the floor and my arm gives out and I hit my face on the carpet but hey, I laugh as well and it reminds me I need to pay attention to limitations I have so I don't actually hurt myself on something not made of carpet. I'm blessed with my situation and I hope things get better for you. Show this note to your family, might just help, walk a mile in your shoes kind of thing.
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    hello dianewaddell95 !

    it can be hurtful when those closest to us do not seem to even try to understand what we are living with.
    many of us know exactly how that feels.

    in the early days, i remember trying to patiently explain and then try to approach it from another angle.....but came to realize there was absolutely nothing i said was helping.

    my sons have yet to wrap their heads around my chronic pain and conditions and it has caused estrangement.
    but i always believe in hope for the future!
    now my reaction is to stop and think...."and i sure hope you never have to understand what i feel...this kind of life"

    please, when you are able, let us know how you are doing.
    hopefully your recovery is going smoothly.
    you may be interested in reading,...recovery the most important phase...can find by using search, upper right on page.

    please take your time and follow doctor instructions very carefully. and if doctor thinks some of your activities to be resumed, but you don't think you're ready...good communication with doctor.
    dont do anything that hurts. and to follow limitations and or restrictions put on you.

    that may mean no heavy cleaning for awhile!
    your health is so much more important than what anyone else thinks of your medical condition....or what anyone else thinks of your housekeeping.

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