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About 1.5 years ago i went to work,  sat down in my chair and felt like my whole right leg was put on fire. Well,  thinking i had pulled a back muscle,  i waited it out for 6 weeks.  Finally gave up,  doc put me on ibprophin. When that didn't help,  they sent me to physical therapy.  Mind you,  we still didn't know what was wrong as they refused to take an xray or mri. 6 months of physical therapy,  sciatica and back pain worse, i went to a chiropractor who i convinced to send me to get a mri- sure enough,  disk bulges on L4L5 and L5S1. I decided to stop paying out the arse for physical therapy (as i felt it was getting worse)  i quit one if my jobs (as the standing hurt my back to much) and over the coarse of a few months, managed to get my pain undercontrol with adjusted movements (never bending at waist)and walking 3 miles 2-3 x week.  Anyway i actually felt i just got my life back when a few weeks ago i woke up with shoulder pain. Over the coarse of a few weeks i got to the point of excruciating pain in my right shoulder, thoratic spine back area,  and neck. My doctor gave me a steroid shot,  5 day steroid pack, muscle relaxers and antiinflamitories. The pain finally subsided a week later, but gradually its coming back,  this time radiating from my neck, then to the shoulder and now thoratic back area.  Im pretty much sure it's a pinched nerve because the last two fingers on my right hand are numb. When i look up the symptoms it all points to hernitated disk in neck. I called my doctor and she flippantly brushed me off with "maybe you have fibromyalgia." I'm so frustrated! I can't work,  im in so much pain.  Im not sleeping and im so very depressed. Who do i go see?  


  • It would be best to see a spine specialist if possible. Was that your GP that said it could be fibromyalgia? Well, you may be right because fibro doesn't cause neck pain that radiates to your fingers. I have spine problems and fibro and speak from my experiences. I would certainly seek a second opinion to get a cervical MRI. 
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