Herniated disc with no leg pain at all

Hello all,
Im 20 years old and my back pain started about 2 years ago, I was deadlifting and just strained my back, nothing too bad but ever since then whenever I deadlifted I always got a feeling of weakness in my back, like something was not completely healed in my lower back but it wasn't too bad so I still deadlifted. 10 months ago is where I really fucked up, I was doing deadlifts again and mid rep something popped and my left leg bent really quick, I finished the rep and put the bar down and then the really bad pain started to kick in. It really sucks because no matter how much I tried to focus on form to protect myself, I just never really felt comfortable doing deadlifts. For the next 5 months flexion hurts, extension hurts but not nearly as bad as flexion, sitting really hurt, my back hurt all the time, couldn't exercise. I hadn't gotten an MRI untill 3 months ago, it shows a herniated L5 S1 disc that's bulging out to the right side, but the pain is mostly on the left. I have absolutely no pain down the leg which is confusing because almost all the posts I have seen with herniated discs have been with some type of leg pain. My pain is all centralized and it is an achey type of pain. I have been doing strengthening exercises since about 5 months ago, I haven't been doing it every day but I do it about 3 days a week of stretching all lower body muscles and strengthening my core. The really bad pain is gone, flexion to a certain point really doesn't hurt anymore which is crazy because flexion was the worst thing I could do months after the injury. I still have chronic pain that won't go away, it is an achey type of pain that really sets in when I sit for long periods of time or start running or laying in bed for a while, also when I pick up things relatively heavy, so no working out for me. It's a feeling of both acheiness and weakness, but it's all centralized right around the L5 S1 area. I'm seeing a spine specialist now and he thinks I sprained the ligaments and tendons around the area bad so I have had two sessions of back shots, one of them prolotherapy and the other one has been platelet rich plasma, with ozone to try to push the disc back. I really haven't seen much relief, it's just confusing trying to find out the source of the pain, at least if I had pain down the leg I would know the disc is the problem. I'm asling for help and guidance as to what steps I should take to find out the source of the pain and maybe any of you have went through the same thing, I'm not like a lot of herniated discs where the herniated was due to poor lifestyle choices, mine was a direct injury. The pain isn't debilitating but I can't seem to get rid of this achey pain and weakness. 10 months doesn't seem that long but my pain isn't severe now so I should be close to playing sports again and being active but for about 3 months now I haven't seen any improvement, one thing I would like to say is that when I dig my thumb into the left side of my spine around the L5 S1 area, I can actually feel the tenderness and soreness, I don't know if that's muscle or tendon or ligaments I'm feeling but that's an interesting thing I notice. Another thing I notice is my hamstrings always stay tight no matter how much I stretch them which affects my hips so those are always right no matter how much I stretch them. Any ideas as to what's causing the pain or any exercises I should do or any advice would be great.
Thank you


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    hello cavalier2523 !
    it seems good you are working with pain manage,net doctor.
    as you mentioned, there is frustration with time involved in finding cause and then again in finding appropriate treatment.
    it can be trial and try again.

    re any exercises, that is a good question for your pm doctor, as he knows you best.
    there may be some limitations or restrictions he wants you to adhere to, at least for a time.

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,414
    As Sue stated above it would be best to discuss any type of exercises with your doctor. Did your doctor ever recommend physical therapy?
    One thing, if it were me, I would not be doing is lifting weights. But there again, ask your doctor about it.

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  • Hi Cavalier,  I've had mainly lower back pain for years without leg pain. I don't know what's wrong with your back and in my experience, you could see numerous different professionals, and they would probably each give you different advice. The best advice I could give is take it easy for a while and let your back heal. This doesn't mean doing nothing but the active things that are supposed to be good for your back (light stretching and low impact activities) but deadlifting and lifting weights generally are one of the worst things. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it and be patient.
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