Did injections make you dizzy?

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(Please don't delete this as a duplicate. I'm wanting to hear from people re: injections vs oral meds).

I got two epidural steroid injections on Friday 12/23 for my herniated disc L5 S1. The first day or so I had some reduced sciatica pain, probably from the anesthetic, but my pain returned on day 2 and I resumed my ibuprofen and norco meds.  Day 4 I was feeling light headed after taking a warm shower and had to lay down, but felt ok the rest of the day.  Day 5 is today and I woke up with severe dizziness / vertigo. Not really a headache, just a swimming feeling in my head and kind of nauseated. My head starts spinning whenever I get up and when I lay down.  I left a message for the doctor who did the injection and his assistant called back saying he didn't think it was anything to worry about and to call back if I have a bad headache or fever. 

However, of course I'm worried!  I have not experienced dizziness like this before. I couldn't go to work today.  I have not taken my medication today thinking maybe it is a side effect?  But I've been taking these meds for about a month now and haven't had problems.  Or is this a side effect of the steroid injection?  

Has anyone experienced this before?


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    I have had 2 injections in the past, both dealing with the l5 and s1 nerve roots.  I never experienced vertigo from them.  The only side effect I did experience was a little difficulty sleeping/feeling jittery.

    I have also taken Norco in the past after both of my back surgeries.  This definitely made me feel different.  I wouldn't say it made me feel dizzy, but it did make me feel light headed and not like myself.  Opiates like Norco are known for a variety of side effects.  Dizziness is one of the most common.
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    just to follow up on this, my primary thinks i had an inner ear infection, unrelated to anything else.  dizziness went away naturally after about 10 days. 

    unfortunately it seems the two injections did nothing. i'm back on the norco and ibuprofen, which also seems to be less effective than before.  pain is pretty intense.

    i have a follow up appointment next week to see if they want to do more injections. 

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