Neck pain, subtle balance problem

I've had some neck pain on an off.  At the moment it's on.  Soreness, pain on lifting head from the base of the skull to the start of the shoulder on the left side.  Normally I'ld just say my handbag has been too heavy, I slept on it wrong, and I look down at my computer and phone too much, but the last two days it's been pretty bad so I wonder if I actually hurt myself (due to any of the things I just listed). I've been on a two week staycation so I've been playing on my phone and watching netflix on the ipad too much.    I've tried doing some head rolls and I can actually hear some sounds and feel dizzy/uncomfortable.  On top of it I've been a little off with my balance or maybe depth perception?, like brushing or hitting door jambs.  I have no other symptoms that I've noticed.  I have a massage appt with a massage therapist tomorrow but wondering if I should go to the chiropractor.  




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    I personally, would see my primary doctor before seeing chiropractor...esp with balance and vision difficulties.
    Just my opinion, you need to choose what you think best for you.
    But my experience has been that when working with the unknown, manipulation can worsen pain level and possible physical issue that is developing to cause these symptoms.

    You may find benefit in reading, Chronic Pain Step by Step...
    You can find using search, upper right on page.
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