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Hi, so I'm new here. I had an mri of my spine and they found a protruded disc to the left (shallow) with mild disc space narrowing and dessciation at t12-l1. I also found out I have cartilage damage in both knees and I hear this horrible clicking in my neck although I suppose that could just be tight muscles and bad posture. I'm 22 years old. I'm a former competitive ballroom dancer and runner. My health has gotten so bad over the last year. They are checking if there are labral tears in my hips as well. I tried swimming but I just get terrible shoulder spasms. My upper back constantly feels like its stuck probably from poor posture. I feel awful. Is there any way this gets better?


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    hello ev25

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    Curious, what kind of doctor are you working with?...spine specialist?...pain management doctor?
    My primary doctor tried working with my pain two years before referring me to pain management doctor.
    Best thing for me!

    He did variety of testing in me, most I never even heard of at that addition to my MRI that I already had done by primary.
    I brought CDs of all previous testing to first time PM appointment, for him to view himself and not just relying on written impressions.
    He found things that were not noted, and some of what was noted he disagreed with.
    That just to say, when the specialist reads them, he is more familiar of what he is looking for..and looking experience anyway.

    It can be trial and try again with finding relief. My PM helped lessen my painful symptoms quickly...and he gave me limitations and some restrictions immediately, also.
    PM will also monitor you and make referrals to other specialists if and or when necessary.

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