3 Months Post ACDF C5-7

Went to surgeon today and got x-rays.  They said its not fusing as fast as they would like.  He is having me take Vitamin D to help get more calcium and to come back in 1 month. 

Anybody else experience the same.



  • I was started on Vit D and calcium before my surgery . I had a 2 level fusion and the one at C6 healed faster that C5 . I also used  bone stimulater right from start. I was comple fused in 5 months
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    It is not all that uncommon for the fusion to fail, especially when more than one level is involved.

    My first fusion one of the levels healed better than the other.

    My second fusion wasn't fusing after 3 months, so the surgeon prescribed a Bone Growth Stimulator(BGS).  My next visit was at 7 months, and it was fused.

    Tobacco use is thought to prevent fusion.  So make sure that isn't a problem...

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  • tschmidtttschmidt New YorkPosts: 17
    Thanks for the feedback..  :)
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