1 Month Post Opp (S1,L4,L5 Fusion)


I had my surgery n Nov 30th, just coming on one month. The first few weeks were horrid but I'm doing well now.  I've been out of the house a few times but generally I get too sore after 90 mins.

i was wondering if anyone has been through this and if they could give advice as to how long it will be before I can feel "back to normal" (I being able to manage a full day out!) I've been doing some light lifting (taking trash out etc) but I don't feel like I can do much and I am afraid of doing damage.

i am doing the same physio I have been doing same physio since day one. Next doctor visit on Jan 20th!

Were expecting a baby soon and I need to start helping out around the house :)


  • RickallenRRickallen MichiganPosts: 85
    Hi i had the same surgery but a little more was done on mine it sounds like.its rough and takes time to heal .im 3 weeks into dr wants me to wean off all pain now on tylenlo 3 tell my next dr apt on the 10 of jan...its also hard to for me to do things around my home...with a baby comeing into your life that has to be love your wife and baby.You have to take care of your self frist.and wife and other love ones around needs to understand that....good luck and take care of the new one in your life....
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    For most people with multi-level lumbar fusion "getting back to normal" is a matter of 6-12 months or even longer.  At one month it sounds like you are doing pretty good... but you're certainly not 100% and that is perfectly normal.  You still have a lot more healing to do so don't push it... you still need to follow the no BLT rules. Your energy level and back strength will come back... but it takes time... months not weeks.  Try to bring your wife to your Jan 20th appointment so she can better understand your situation and healing process. Taylor your questions so your doctor can clearly let your wife know and understand your healing situation.   Your no good to your family if you mess up your recovery...

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  • RickallenRRickallen MichiganPosts: 85
    Very well said .I just came up on my 1 month recovery. Most my days are ok. But Know im weaning of my pain meds.So now Im have some rough days. But Im sticking to lighter pain meds.I can handle so pain.most the pain comes when Im getting out of bed or up and down.or after a long nap. Im on the couch to much and that gets to me because Im not a couch potatoe.
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